Friday, December 31, 2010

Love What You Wear With Cougar Boots

In my opinion, there is almost no better investment than a pair of solid, comfy and warm boots to combat cold Canadian weather. While I adore my Uggs, they become almost impractical during the winter months so I was super stoked when our friends over at Matchstick sent me two pairs of Cougar boots to try out.

The Tibet black rubber boots retails for $75 and has a polar fleece lining that will keep your toes dry and snug. (Available in red and black.)

The Ringo Star retails for $200 and has a suede/nylon outside and polar plush lining inside. (Available in black and white.)

They were delivered in cool white boxes and the first thing I noticed when I saw the boots were that they were way more stylish than the Cougars I sported as a kid! These had fur trim, suede and funky red knitting! I put them on and noticed immediately how light-weight they were and the Ringo Stars practically moulded to my feet yet were roomy enough to tuck-in my jeans. So Cougar Boots are definitely "HUG approved"!

On the first snowfall I wore the Ringo Stars out (who doesn't love a boot named after The Beatles drummer?!). After prancing up and down on King Street West my feet were still happy, dry and very WARM! When the fluffy snow melted into dirty puddles of slush, I took my Tibets out to play and yet again, no complaints from my happy and dry feet!

So after keeping families warm, dry and in style since 1948, Cougar definitely knows how to boot out their competition when it comes to making quality foot wear. Plus we love the fact that they are a Canadian company!

For the world you walk on. Love what you wear.

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