Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movie Review: Going the Distance

A romantic-comedy starring former real-life couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, Going the Distance is a story of how the quirky pair meet and fall in love. The humor is in their struggles of being in a long distance relationship.  The couple meets in New York and enjoys the blissful beginning of their relationship together.  Until however, the pursuit of their careers leads them to attempt to continue their romance across the country and work through the difficulties of staying together while being apart.

The movie is entertaining albeit predictable, but it does play out the nuances of a long-distance relationship realistically and the decisions the couple is forced to face are approached with honesty.  Drew and Justin’s true-to-life compatibility off-screen also contributes to their genuine chemistry and affection in the movie.  While the couple brings the romance to the film, the comedy really comes from the supporting cast of goofy friends played by Saturday Night Live funny-man Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day from TV comedy gem It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and their accompanying hilarious facial hair (really, Sudeikis’ moustache steals every scene).

There are neither big surprises nor really big laughs for that matter, but Going the Distance accomplishes what all romantic-comedies are set out to entertaining stars and a satisfying ending.  Going the Distance is available now to rent or purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray with all the usual extras; as well as, ‘On Demand’ on digital cable, which is perfect for a wintery date night spent inside with a movie.  --- Michelle Tham

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