Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Urban Eats @ Dlish Cupcakes, Toronto

Mocha Cupcakes - omnomnomnom
I have never met a cupcake that I haven't gobbled up in 2 minutes flat.  Queen West now has a dedicated cupcake store that bakes from scratch called, Dlish Cupcakes.  The simple and minimalist cupcakery opened last Wednesday and is definitely seeing a lot of foot traffic from sugar-starved Christmas shoppers.  Dlish uses high quality ingredients and does not skimp on their French sprinkles or fleur de sel crystals.  You will not find preservatives or hydrogenated oils here, which is why the cupcakes are $3 each and not $3 for a Betty Crocker mix.
Flavours change daily.  Here were the nine on offer that day.
A half-dozen will run you $17 and a full dozen is $33.  Either would make an excellent hostess gift or fancy dessert.  I tried out the Mocha cupcake made with dark belgian chocolate, mocha frosting and pure chocolate java flakes.  The cake was fresh, moist and the icing was light and not too rich or sweet - but still flavourful.  It wasn't like eating a stick of butter with a bit of flavour - like other cupcakes I have tried in the past.  The menu has a coloured dot next to each flavour, which coincides with the dot on the cupcake.  So you know what's what when you get home.  I love desserts that include a map.

Yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
I can't wait to try some of the other flavours like Cookies & Cream and Salty Caramel.  I had the Red Velvet the next day and the frosting was fluffy with a good cream cheese flavour that didn't overpower.  The cake itself was pretty darn red and delicious.  The cupcake craze is still going strong - it's been almost ten years since the start of the Magnolia cupcake that launched a worldwide eating frenzy.  New York City is FULL of cupcake shops and people still can't get enough of them.  It's commitment-free.  I don't have to buy a whole cake to get a little taste of the flavours I love and it costs the same as a latte.
Dlish Cupcakes
833 Queen Street West, Toronto
So where's your favourite place to get cupcakes in Toronto?  Do you have a flavour that you always get?  Where is the best cupcake you have ever eaten?
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  1. Swirls Cupcakes in Streetsville, Mississauga has some amazingly yummy cupcakes. Their buttercream frosting is nothing like I've ever tasted before; it is very light and not too sweet - I feel like I could eat an entire bowl of that frosting! The cake itself is also very good and fluffy.

    My favourite is the Mangolicious. They also have a store near Royal York/Old Mill Subway Station in Etobicoke. I highly recommend!

  2. OMG I was at Dlish this past Saturday, LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! The bakery is gorgeous! The Red Velvet is the best in the city, hands down. The cream cheese frosting was perfect. I want to try Coconut Macaroon and Dulce de Leche next.

    Toronto so needed a place like this.