Monday, December 6, 2010

Where to Find Christmas Gifts for Your Dog, Toronto

Even our canine friends are deserving of a Christmas gift.  Here is a list of some of the best dog stores in Toronto to help you find the perfect gift for your best friend.

Big Dog Bakery
My pups love visiting the store every time we’re out on a walk. The baked goods not only look good but smell good too.  Big Dog Bakery is the only store in Toronto that bakes their treats in-store.  The cookies are not made with fillers or meat-by-products, all ingredients have been carefully selected and help support local farmers (they’re actually safe for human consumption)....

They have a variety of dog biscuit flavors to choose from, including cheese, peanut butter, duck or liver.  Vegan dog owners will be delighted to know that there are vegan options as well.  All pre-packaged biscuits are also baked in store.  However, Big Dog Bakery’s marquee products are their fresh baked goods: the √©clairs, donuts and dog cakes.  A visit during the holidays is an absolute must, as they will create exclusive treats such as a Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday.  It’s a great way to include your best friend in the holiday festivities.

The staff is friendly and generously gives treats to each dog that visits.  Sometimes Trixie (the Big Dog) is in the store to greet her canine friends.  Each visit to the bakery is a guaranteed good time for both owner and dog.

Another store my dogs drag me into, since they know the friendly staff will give them liver treats – no purchase required!  Tails is not a dedicated dog store, but it is the largest independent pet store in Toronto.  The staff are super friendly; cuddling and feeding each dog who visits.  Tails set up a mini library and sofa set to lounge in, making it feel like you just stepped into someone’s living room, and they encourage you to sit back and relax.  The staff is very knowledgeable with their products, and is a great asset to the store.  They will explain the differences between various brands of food or find the right toy for your teething puppy.  

The range of dog products is superb – there are a wide variety of holistic, organic, and environmentally friendly products to choose from; some that are hard to find, like Tripett, Fromms or Halo.  In addition to having a wide selection of food, Tails also has one of the largest toy collections I have ever seen.  You will definitely find a toy here that will keep your best friend busy and happy during the upcoming holidays.  

Bark and Fitz
Bark and Fitz is for the fashion conscious pooch that wants to look hip and stylish while staying warm.  The friendly staff is more than happy to help you find clothing to suit your pup.  There’s a wide range of good quality hand-knit sweaters and rain jackets to help your best friend brave the harsh elements.  My current obsession: a black hand-knit sweater with a skull, it’s the perfect compliment to my pup’s dual personality.

In addition to sweaters and jackets, Bark and Fitz also have a wide range of unique collars, leashes and harnesses.  The store emphasizes ecologically friendly products and offer bedding made from recycled plastic bottles (they’re super soft!).  They also carry natural dog food and treats and have wheat-free, gluten-free, and vegan options (you won’t find Purina here).  The natural dog treats are wonderful.  Another must-buy on my list, Reindeer antlers for dogs to chew on (no worries, the Reindeers are safe!): dogs find them irresistible and they last a long time.  

Bark and Fitz is unique in that they offer a wide range of clothing sizes for dogs.  Most stores cater to small dogs, and clothing that will keep a Boxer warm is often hard to find.  The prices are reasonable and the clothing and accessories are of top quality.  Bark and Fitz is a great store if you need to find accessories for your bigger dog.

My Pet Boutique
For the smaller dog, I love this store for their selection of hard to find and very unique dog clothes.  The store is for the dog owner who wants to spoil their small dogs.  My Pet Boutique is the store to go to if you ever wanted to get that coat dress for your little girl.  The store is so cute and girly it’s no surprise if Paris Hilton pops in for a visit when she’s in town.

On a recent visit to the store, the focus had been turned towards Christmas oriented gear – t-shirts, collars, leashes, charms, scarves and cold weather clothing.  There’s sure to be something here to delight the dog-owner friend or your small dog.

Small dog owners also have difficulties finding appropriate clothing and accessories that will fit their best friend.  In the winter months, boots will protect your best friend’s paws from the burn of salt.  If your local pet store runs out of boots, make sure to visit My Pet Boutique – they will most likely have the boots you are looking for.  Even the dog treats are catered for the tiny mouths of small dogs – you won’t find large rawhide bones, but bite sized liver treats or biscuits.

Thanks to our guest blogger and hip + urban girl dog-expert, Sandy Sun.  Pictured here with her puppies!

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  1. hah! Love this idea. I usually bake up a batch of liver biscuits for my poochie pals but these are fab spots to hit up!