Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside - hug Winter Skincare Tips

By: Julie Wong from Love Your Skin Everyday

You've pulled out the winter gear from storage: sweaters, coats, scarves, boots and mitts - but have you had a look at your winter skincare wardrobe?  With the changing seasons, your skin's needs change and by learning to adapt your “wardrobe” accordingly, you can make sure that your skin looks great even in the winter.  Your basic skincare regimen is like your undergarments; they are pretty much the same no matter the season.  What you may need are your sweaters, heavy coats, and mittens – just like skin supplements that add that extra protection.  

Cold, dry winter air combined with modern heating creates two temperature extremes that can dry out your skin fast.  Over the winter, make sure you top up your skincare with extra hydration – this can offer you protection against windburn.  Emollients are great choices especially for the hands, elbows, and heels and extremely dry skin types.  An emollient refers to a product or ingredient that “locks” in existing moisture and makes the skin softer.  Dry skin types can look for hydration products that offer some oil to protect the skin while normal to oily skin types can use an extra hydration product that are oil-free.

For the body, look for extra hydration products as well.  Even though it’s covered most of the time, hot showers without protecting the skin can also leave it dry and scaly.  Look for a hydrator that keeps your skin moist without feeling sticky.

Your skin is more likely to dry out over the winter and you may notice flakiness in your skin – particularly around the cheeks and nose since those parts tend to be exposed more to the elements.  Exfoliation is the best way to deal with this since that skin is dead skin.  You can opt for home micro-dermabrasion treatments or use masks that double as scrubs that offer super hydrating benefits.

Love your Lips
Lips can take a beating in the winter and you may find that you have really chapped lips.  Keep them conditioned and hydrated to prevent cracking and bleeding.  Similar to your face, you can use a lip exfoliator (not while they are chapped) to remove any dead skin.  You can choose a lip conditioner with or without wax but make sure it delivers moisture over a period of time so that you don’t have to keep re-applying every 5 seconds!

Sun Care
Just because you are no longer in tees, tanks and shorts doesn’t mean that the sun disappears and can’t damage your skin.  So be sure to still wear sun care products.  UV rays are intensified when reflected back from the snow and ice.  Any skier, skater or snowboarder  can tell you that sunburns aren’t pleasant in winter.  Top that with windburn – it’s not a pretty picture!

Follow these tips and you'll have beautiful looking skin in no time. -- Julie Wong

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