Friday, January 14, 2011

Get Yourself. Get Your Dog. Get In Shape.

If your holiday was like mine, you were indulging in plenty of rich foods and tasty sweets. I went to the gym on a regular basis before the holidays and promised myself that I would continue the routine but of course, it never happened (surprise, surprise)! BUT for my New Year's resolution I’m making a true effort to get back into shape and I'm dragging my dogs with me!

Fetching is a great work-out alternative for dog-owners as many of us will agree that it is hard to find time to hit the gym and walk the dog, especially after a long day's of work and in this wintery weather! Well, Fetching lets you do both at the same time - combining an agility and obedience class for dogs with a boot camp class for owners.

Fetching - For Fit Dogs & Bods from Sal Sloan on Vimeo.

So what is agility? Agility is a set of activities that involves the owners guiding their dog through various obstacles. The obstacles include a chute, tunnel and weaving through poles. Agility provides physical and mental stimulation for dogs – especially important if you have a dog like mine who gets bored easily!!

I have taken the classes with both my dogs and they love the agility training and I love the obedience part, knowing that my dogs will lie down while I do sit ups. If my dog ever raises his butt off the floor one of the instructors will come by and gently tap him to go back down. We all benefit from the class: I get my workout and the dogs get their obedience training and agility fun.

It’s easy to hibernate, stay home and gain weight during the winter months. A slight weight gain of 2-5 lbs may not be a big deal for us but it could be a huge difference for a dog - greatly affecting their health and energy levels. Fetching is a wonderful alternative, it is indoors and a great way for your dog to stay in shape. Afterall, we know how hard it is to lose those stubborn 2-5 lbs so it’s even harder for your dog!

Fetching has various locations in the GTA.

Pricing: 2 months ($240), 4 months ($430), 6 months ($570).

Thanks to Sandy and her doggie, Linus for guest blogging on behalf of The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide.

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