Monday, January 3, 2011

Hip Urban Brides-To-Be: Win tickets to The Wedding Show

The Wedding Show at The Carlu The Wedding Co is celebrating their 10th anniversary of The Wedding Show at The Carlu . This boutique-style wedding event features a collection of 125 hand-selected exhibitors representing the most unique and sophisticated vendors. Newly engaged couples can find everything they need for their big day in one illustrious location.

We attended last year and believe us, this event is far from your typical cheesy wedding tradeshow! The vendors know how to keep the tradition of marriage alive while adding in a modern twist just for the hip and urban bride. Read more...

Tell us how he/she/you popped the big question in our comment section and we'll pick a winner for a pair of tickets this Friday at noon!


  1. My proposal:
    I was in Europe over the summer for nearly 8 weeks. My flight arrived very late, and my fiancee (then boyfriend) picked me up, and gave me a big bouquet of flowers. It was past midnight, so I was expecting to go home, and get to bed! However, when I walked into my apartment, I found that my entire group of friends were waiting to surprise me. Then, in front of all our best friends, my boyfriend got down on his knee and told me how much he missed me when I was gone, and how being apart made him realize he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He then presented me with a beautiful engagement ring, that he had designed himself, and had custom made!

    A beautiful moment! We're getting married in Ottawa, on July 3rd.

  2. Oh my! My proposal came as a complete surprise! I had taken some off work to enjoy the final moments of the summer and my boy invited me out for a picnic. Unfortunately for him, I declined the request and postponed as I had other plans for my time off. In a couple of days I decided to take him up on his picnic offer and off to High Park we went. And there, among lots of greenery and a finely packed picnic basket, the boy proposed!

  3. This past fall, he suggested we do a weekend road trip to unwind and de-stress from our busy schedules and incidentally he came by one of HUG’s “hip getaways” to picturesque Prince Edward County. I loved the idea and couldn’t wait for a quiet, relaxing weekend away from the city and to try some culinary delights. I had my suspicions that he might be trying to plan a surprise but as our trip went along, he was cool as a cat and not “nervous enough” for a man about to propose! So I put the thought aside. But on the Sunday, after a 1-hour massage he booked for me at the inn we were staying at, I headed back to our secluded, top floor room. I was draped in my big white robe, feeling great like tenderized meat and extremely relaxed. I opened the door, expecting to see him reading the paper or still watching TV, but instead the room was quite, furniture was pushed aside and there was a path of rose petals and a trail of Hershey kisses on the floor that disappeared off around the corner of the room. By the door, he spelled out “Follow the Kisses” using the tiles from the Bananagrams game we brought with us to play that weekend. I was so nervous but eventually hopped over around the corner of the room to the end of the trail and saw a dress hanging on a stand. It was supposed to be a dress that I tried on when I was shopping with some girlfriends a few weeks ago, but he didn't realize until that moment that he was advised on the WRONG dress. He thought I was joking when I said I didn't recognize the dress at all. But then we hugged and he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me and by the end of it, our faces were soaked in tears. He then reached behind, got down on one knee and asked the Question! My eyes were too blurry at first to see the ring and I was still so nervous, I almost hesitated saying Yes. But once I did and the tears settled, we went for a celebratory scenic drive around the county, took pictures and visited some wineries and the cheese factory. I tried on the dress too and it actually looked and felt really good, so I ended up wearing it to dinner that night. People were probably all busy with Halloween festivities because we also ended up having the dining room all to ourselves! I definitely got my sweet treat for the weekend!

  4. Great stories and congrats to everyone! No one left any contact info though so can you please send an email to me at

  5. Congrats to our winner, Robin Wu of Toronto for winning a pair of tickets! Enjoy the show.

  6. Yay! I'm glad that HUG was helpful in the planning of Robin's engagement :)