Monday, January 3, 2011

Our FIRST Resolution of 2011

Happy New Year!  Want to start your 2011 off with something great?  

Why not provide a small loan to someone in a developing nation with Kiva?

After watching Oprah mention Kiva on her talk show – we knew we had to get involved and start a ‘lending portfolio’ of our own.  The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide is proud to provide micro-credit loans to other budding entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. Check out this uber-modern way to help people around the world carve out a livelihood for themselves. The repayment rate is 99% on these loans and once you get the money back – you can re-loan it out to someone else who needs it. So not quite a charity, but a super-neat idea to help others!  I started with $50 a few years ago and have made over dozen loans over and over again with that initial start-up capital.

Check it out now and make a Kiva loan @ to start your New Year off doing something positive for someone else.

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