Friday, January 28, 2011

Pick Me! S Pellegrino "Almost Famous Chef" Contest

S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna brands is set to host the 9th Annual Almost Famous Chef - one of the most prestigious culinary competitions around the world. Culinary students will be engaged in a series of competitions in North America, each vying to advance to the Finals in Napa Valley, CA.

The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide was invited by Polaris Public Relations to enter the Blogger's Contest to win a seat on the judging panel at the Canadian regionals at the Calphalon Centre in Toronto.

I LOVE FOOD! As I was organizing my credit card statements the other day, I realized my average spend over the last two years on "restaurant bills" alone amounted to $23,000! This screams out two things... I'm a serious "Foodie" and I can't cook. So it's probably best that I stay out of the kitchen and let these talented culinary students work their magic while I hopefully get a chance to observe and taste test from the panel. :)

Business cards I collected from fine dining establishments around the world.
This blog is also a testament to all the things near and dear to us but our food section seems to garner the most love and attention as Lisa and I travel locally and around the globe to share with our readers our most delectable and savory finds.

Here are some of the more unique, bizarre, tasty and cool delicacies I've tried that I thought would be fun to share...

We started a new family tradition - instead of turkey, we indulge in lobsters for Thanksgiving (these weigh-in at 11 lbs each)! - Hong Kong

Enjoying my giant turkey leg in Disney World (yes, I ate it all)! - Florida

Fried tarantulas, bugs and spiders are the preferred snacks in Thailand and Cambodia (ok this is one I looked at but didn't touch).

Squids longer than my arms and octopus large enough to make a good hat. - Athens, Greece
Spotted at Max Brenner these will definitely give you a sugar high. - New York City

Infamous Bymark 8 oz prime beef burger priced at $35 (excuse the expensive burp). - Toronto

Sundays at "School" are the best - can't beat brunch and dessert all-in-one and then you have the rest of the day to recoup from your sugar coma. - Toronto

These Momofuku pork buns are the ultimate indulgence (don't even bother asking about calorie intake)! They melt in your mouth and REALLY live up to the hype. - New York City

Opaque, dining in the dark. What a sensory experience! - San Francisco
So hopefully we'll be in on all the action @AFChefComp and please continue to follow our Foodie Adventures as as we eat our way through Toronto and beyond...

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