Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Share Your Holiday Photos with Hotmail

I survived Christmas and have the photos to prove it.  Yup, every moment of stuffing-eating, family (dys)functions and gift giving has been captured on camera and is ready to be shared.  Favourite highlights of the season include: my little cousins rolling around in torn-up wrapping paper and pictures of all the gorgeous food that my family made.  Now everyone is asking me where the photos are and if they can have a copy? So what do you do when your parents and faraway relatives have no concept of social media whatsoever?  Easy.  I can email the photos without any stress and keep everyone updated in a couple of clicks. 

Remember eating all this? (left).  Oh Hip + Urban Tree (right).
Hotmail lets you send up to 10 GB of photos in one single email without clogging up the inbox of your friends and family.  The last thing you want to accompany your ‘Happy Holidays’ message to your loved ones - is the crashing of their computer.  Trust me, you’ll end up with a lump of coal from them next Christmas.

So how does it work?  Your Windows Live Hotmail account automatically includes an online storage space called the Skydrive.  The photos are uploaded here until your email is ready to be viewed. Since most people have cameras now that are at least 10 megapixels and up, photos take up way more space than ever before.  You’ll love the space and don’t have to waste time shrinking down the size of your photos.  Have more things you want to share?  Your Skydrive comes with 25 GB of storage, so you can even upload important documents and share them easily online with other users.

Sharing your photos with Hotmail is seriously this easy:

1) Create a NEW message
2) Click on the PHOTOS heading and then NEW ALBUM
3) Select all the photos you want to share
4) Watch your photos automatically UPLOAD
5) Hit SEND and you just shared your photos!

You'll see a bunch of thumbnails like this, when uploaded
I like the fact that my holiday photos are formatted into a cute gallery (in the email) without anyone having to sign-in to a photo service.  Hotmail keeps it simple and easy for the busy hip + urban girl on the go.  My recipients can even download all the holiday photos you took in one easy .zip file.  No right clicking through hundreds of photos is required!  They can even choose to view the photos as a slideshow.  It beats putting off sharing your holiday photos until July and the new Hotmail helps hip + urban girls get the job done.

Here's how your friends & family will see your email.  They can even add more!
Look what you can do with the NEW Hotmail @ www.Hotmail.com

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