Monday, January 10, 2011

Thor Espresso Bar

Thor Espresso Bar is an indie cafe located in the burgeoning retail corridor of Bathurst Street just south of King West locally known as NOLA (North of Lakeshore on Bathurst). Thor is influenced by Scandinavian design which reflects the cultural heritage of one of it's owners.

Not just another coffee shop - this is an "espresso bar"!
Thor differentiates itself with top notch customer service, curated music produced by a popular music blogger and is host to a pop-up shop currently featuring Mjolk of the Junction. They serve high quality espresso and espresso based drinks by partnering up with local award winning roastery, Social Coffee & Tea.

What's on the menu?
On offer are espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, mocha, lattes and an assortment of teas. You can also find fun menu items such as the "hit 'n run" which is a house espresso to stay and an americano to go for only $4. Delicious pastries and sandwiches are also available (we highly recommend the yummy scones).

Yes, it's a $16,000 machine!
Thor Espresso Bar is proud to have Toronto's one and only Slayer Espresso Machine! The Slayer is custom built and hand crafted in Seattle by the Seattle Espresso Machine Company. Aesthetically the Slayer is a beautiful creation from the mind of Chris Fletcher, a custom motorbike designer and builder. Beyond it's good looks is the technology built into the machine. The 4 boilers makes the Slayer very stable from a temperature perspective. There are 2 wood and metal fused paddles allowing for the extraction of the espresso. The Slayer has a feature called "pre-brew" which is a process that allows the barista to introduce the espresso grinds to a pressure different from the full 9 bars typical of most machines. What's unique is the ability to set the pressure to ANY pressure the barista chooses. This pre-brewing allows the grinds even more saturation to tease out the flavours that would normally be lost with a straight extraction. And the result is a smoother and more complex tasting shot!
Thor Espresso Bar
35 Bathurst Street

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