Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hip + Urban Girl of the Week: Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is one of the most fascinating people in Toronto.  Whether you have met her IRL (in real life) or not, her presence online and ability to reach out via social media and through her personal blog is pretty admirable.  Her mad skills have landed her jobs with MuchMusic, Virgin America and tons of freelance work.  We thought Casie would be perfect to feature as our hip + urban girl for Social Media Week here in Toronto.  She tells us a little bit about herself, her past experiences and life as a blogger and working in social media:

What made you so passionate and interested in social media in the first place?
I joined Twitter in 2008 and thought it was cool to be able to make friends, have conversations with anyone, anywhere. It was also an awesome source of real time information and answers. 

Tell us about becoming the Virgin America Provocateur and the duties around that?
Virgin America launched the Provocateur contest in the summer 2010 shortly after launching in Toronto. They were looking for an ambassador in Toronto to represent ‘the world's loudest & sexiest airline’.  I knew this was right up my alley!  I submitted a YouTube and after two months and heaps of votes I won title of Virgin America Provocateur. I met the team in San Francisco, partied in Dallas with Richard Branson, and gave away flights in Toronto.
Virgin announced that it will stop flying out of Toronto.  How are you feeling about the project ending so prematurely?
The whole thing was a pretty awesome experience for me. It’s too bad that Virgin is leaving Toronto April 6th but we’re giving away a couple flights to California during Social Media Week.

What was it like working at MuchMusic & MTV?
It was cool, I wanted to work for MuchMusic since I was a kid. There were lots of creative people and it was very fast-paced. My favourite things were working on the fashion beauty magazine blog Fora and being the Social Media Manager for the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards.

What is your typical day like?
I check email and twitter before I get out of bed and I spend time blogging every day on casiestewart.com

What are some of the disadvantages of your job, that maybe we don't think about?
Sometimes I have days when I don’t feel like internetting. I love updating my blog and sharing thoughts, photos and stuff about my life but sometimes it’s overwhelming. 

How competitive is it to get into the industry?
There are lots of blogs out there but behind every blog is a person/people and they are the engine that makes it something real. If you are passionate about something you need to find a way to translate that online.

What do you have to do to promote it as a blogger?
I’m pretty social online and offline, that’s a big part of it. I used to have stickers I gave out at parties/stick around the city, this one time I had neon posters on Queen Street.

What did you study in University/College?  Would you have done anything differently?
I have a diploma in Marketing from Conestoga College and Bachelor of Business & Commerce Degree from University of Western Sydney, Australia.  I loved school and going to Australia for uni was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I wouldn't change a thing. 

Best place to shop in the city?
I love Apt. 909 on Dundas for vintage and dresses from Peach Berserk on Queen Street.

Tell us about your neighbourhood and what you like best about it.
I live in a condo close to entertainment and fashion and the heart of downtown. I can ride my bike or walk pretty much everywhere I need to go.

Where are you favourite places to travel?
Australia and New Zealand for sure. I’m Kiwi and have friends & family there. 

What life advice do you have for hip + urban girls out there trying to figure out what they want to do?
Be yourself and follow your passions, you’re better at that job than anything else. 

What type of freelance work are you currently open to?
Fun things that involve brands, blogging, events and social media. 

Learn more about Casie!
Website: casiestewart.com
Twitter: twitter.com/casiestewart
Facebook: facebook.com/casiestewart

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  1. Casie - congrats on being Hip + Urban Girl of the week! I'm pretty sure I saw you this afternoon standing on Adelaide/ Spadina eating a sausage, but it was so cold my lips were frozen together and I couldn't talk. See you all on Friday for the genYTO party!