Friday, February 11, 2011

Hotmail: Get social updates in one place

Five years ago I ignored every friend request to join Facebook and Myspace - they were just a fad, more sites where I had to remember a new username and password. If I wanted to connect online, I was perfectly happy with just using Hotmail and Messenger chat. But with enough persistence from my friends, I finally gave in and needless to say, I am now hooked! I don't drink coffee so checking email and Facebook is basically the first thing I do in the morning (and of course, the last thing I do before going to bed).

Yup, you can say I'm a social media junkie who loves networking with my friends on and offline... so how do I have time to manage this all and without having ten browser windows open? Well, with the new Windows Live Hotmail, you can access all your social updates in one place!

Check out how this Hip and Urban Girl stays connected with family, friends and co-workers across sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger.

Getting started:

When you log into your Hotmail account, you are greeted by a dashboard which includes Hotmail highlights (overview of your emails, upcoming birthdays, etc.) and Messenger Social (a feed with status updates by you and your friends). Note: you can return to this page anytime by clicking on the Windows Live icon on the upper left corner.

There are over 75 social sites you can connect to quickly and easily. Just click the Add tab -> Find more services, select the services you want to add and follow the instructions.


I have a lot to say and typically I don't like repeating myself! So with Windows Live I can integrate seamlessly with Facebook and see my friends' status updates, make comments and post my own status all without leaving the Windows Live interface! And when I'm feeling chatty, I can IM with my Facebook friends right in Messenger.

Are you a photo junkie like moi? Smile, snap and publish your photos right to Facebook with Windows Live Gallery. You can also tag your peeps as well.


Working in corporate marketing by day and being a Blogger at night usually means a HUGE network -- one that I like to keep separate and professional. But toggling between LinkedIn and email to send/receive messages can get tedious quick so I love how I can access my LinkedIn contacts which are automatically stored in Hotmail. Now when I'm replying back to a recruiter or simply just reconnecting with a former co-worker, I can either comment or easily compose and send emails to my LinkedIn contacts right from Hotmail. Easy-peasy!


Behind the glitz and glam, Blogging is hard work but when we publish a stellar post and see our unique views go through the roof, it makes it all worth it! Connecting Blogger to Windows Live is another way for us to share our content - every time we publish a new post in Blogger, it updates the feed and lets our friends know. They can leave comments without having to open another browser or link thru to to read our post. We can also keep tabs and see what our Blogger friends are writing about.

So having all these connections and personal information online may have you wondering about privacy. Well, you have complete control over which features you want to connect to and let others see. And when you don't want to be connected anymore, simply go into your Profile view --> click Manage --> select the social service and then click the Remove link.

So the new Windows Live Hotmail is not just your typical email account but now acts as your social networking hub as well. It delivers your news, gossip and goodies all in one place so you can save time and do more. Now go check it out for yourself and see what your friends are up to...

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