Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Get Straighter Looking Hair

If you're looking to get straighter looking hair for a sleek 'do.  Try a few of these tips from hair expert, Rasa JurenasOwner of Studio Rasa and an Essential Looks Artist for Schwarzkopf Professional:

1) Place a loonie-sized dollop of a straightening cream like OSIS Soft N'Straight. 
Make sure the product is distributed throughout your full head of hair to get the best results. This product will help smooth the hair, and make it look nice and healthy.

2) Rough dry the hair until most of the water is out.  You can keep this process going while blow drying the hair down.  Lifting your arm up above you head and make sure the the air nozzle is blowing the hair in a downward or slanted direction.  If you blow dry your hair all over the place, or flipping your hair upside down - this can blow open the hair cuticle; this could cause more frizz.  

3) Once hair is 100% dry (the reason I say this.... many people do not let their hair dry 100%, if there is 5% dampness to it then the hair can frizz up again).  Place a shine solution like OSIS Shine Duster in your hair, rub hands together and rub this product on dry hair.  This will make the hair have a nice natural shine and help with any flyaways.
4) You can then proceed with a straightening iron to help smooth the hair further if need be.  Once completely done, then finish the hair with a spray like OSIS Glamour Queen.  This will help set the hair lightly, fight humidity and is water-free. 

Learn more about Osis Hair Products online.  Thanks again to Rossa for these great tips!

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