Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kobo eReading: anytime. anyplace.

If you are a bookworm like Lisa and I but not into the whole dusting off the bookshelf thing, then you definitely need to include the Kobo on your wish list or gift one! (V-day is only a few days away, hint hint!)

We're both big fans and thanks to the new Kobo Wireless eReader we've been able to take it EVERYWHERE and keep up with our New Year's resolution to read more. There are over 2 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines so that is a whole lota reading!

The Kobo is stacked with all sorts of features:

  • We know size MATTERS - this one's 10 mm thick and weighs in at 221g.
  • Battery life lasts up to 2 weeks (that's 10,000 page turns).
  • It has a grey scale screen that looks like a book (you can read it outdoors - or better yet, on the beach without getting an annoying glare).
  • It has 1 GB of memory (holds up to 1000 eBooks) + put in your own SD card for extra memory.
  • If Classics are your thing (all those books you were forced to read in English Lit and only now appreciate), it comes pre-loaded with 100 titles.
  • No more skipping over hard words - you can look them up immediately with the built-in dictionary.
  • We especially love how easy it is to use - yes, it's intuitive enough so you can bypass reading the instructional manual!
  • It is esthetically pleasing with a quilted back (for added comfort and grip) plus 4 colours to chose from because Kobo knows how important it is to match your accessories with your handbag.
  • You can browse and order eBooks right from your Kobo plus read them on your Smartphone by downloading the FREE eReading app.

Since everything is pretty much digital, your library should be too. So start reading anytime, anyplace - the Kobo WiFi eReader is available at Indigo book stores for $149 or online HERE. Save $20 with code "Kobo20"!

For a limited time get 20% off your first eBook!

Kobo WiFi eReader


  1. How do you guys like the portability aspect? I plunged into eReading last summer with a device that shall remain nameless, but it's been a blast. While I love me 1000+ strong book collection, eReaders are just really convenient when you're on the go (or on vacation or at the spa...). I was looking into a Kobo as I'm a tech nerd and want to try all the different options out there, the expandable memory is a huge plus. I currently use the Kobo app on my Galaxy S, it's pretty awesome!

  2. It was really easy to read on the beach and better than lugging a hardcover in your carry-on bag. Portability is so key, I definitely agree with you on this one.