Friday, February 4, 2011

LCBO's Classic Cocktails Party @ The Carlu, Toronto

The LCBO hosted a Classic Cocktail 1960s Soiree at The Carlu in Toronto last night.  The guest of honour was Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant (above) who chatted with everyone about the classic styles from the era.  Toronto media and PR, twitterati, socialites and local bloggers listened along while sipping on some strong classic cocktails.  The menu included daiquiris, old-fashioned, negroni, tequila sunrise, manhattan, rusty nail and a dirty martini or two.
Suresh Doss of Spotlight City and Yours Truly, The Hip Urban Girl 
We spotted our fair share of skinny ties, fitted suits, fedoras, lots of pearls, birdcage hats and  Mad Men-inspired dresses.  Here's a few snapshots from the event with great people that we spotted and some fun outfits:
Shann Mitchell's amazing hat and red-hot lips.  Anita Clarke from I Want I Got and Photographer and PR Superstar, Phil Birnbaum
Now that's what I call a night on the town...

One of the cutest couples of the night (left) - in love with his classic Mad Men suit and plaid tie.  The boys of Twitter @ReggieRamone of Got Style, @Paulstonge, @TheDanLevy
Inspired 1960s fashion meets classic cocktails of the era
More fun twitter friends - @KBTaylor and @JyLui.  I found my vintage 1960s pink party frock at Throwback in Kensington Market along witht the gold belt.  The problem with vintage dresses?  All the waist sizes were 24" back then and back before we ate french fries all the time!  Felt a little awkward because everyone was still sort of in black.
Suzanne Rogers rocks the glittery gold dress - absolutely stunning (left).  More great dresses, red lips, pearl and always with a winning smile.
Leesa Butler in a fur stole looking cozy and stylish (left).  Dan Levy lives boldly with his powder blue jacket and Buddy Holly glasses (right) with Corey from the @CellGuru.
Deviled Eggs!  Genius.
My bartender flares out his hot skills while whipping out my fresh daiquiri (left).  The hottest suit of the night from Louie Manzo (right) who picked this bad boy up in a vintage store in New Brunswick.  I had to chase him down, this suit could not get away!
@Jessica_Dexter and Tom from the Berkeley Event Space
The Backseat Stylers (left) and Anita Clarke and Trina Hendry @ChowbellaTO also with the LCBO (right).  Great job to Trina and the gang at Faulhaber PR for putting on a really fun party.  Grab some Classic Cocktail recipes and get back to basics:


  1. Everyone looked fantastic!!! I love your dress, it seems to fit you perfectly! Such a great find!

  2. Thanks Nelia. I hope I can use it again somewhere!