Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Links We Love - The We Are COLD Edition

1) Beauty Editor gives up her skincare tips on how hip + urban girls can get gorgeous, flake-free skin.  We like her in-depth analysis and suggested products.

2) We melted for Spring once we saw Scarlett Johansson's looks for Mango posted on Sidewalk Hustle.  God.  I wish it was warm enough to wear all these hot clothes.

3) So it's winter...and all we want to do is eat, eat and then eat some more!  Foodie darling, Shawn Rusich from It All Starts with Butter entices with a post on some amazing fried chicken at The Stockyards in Toronto.

4) Getting dressed in the winter is such a conundrum.  Do I go for fashion or function?  I like to look good but I hate freezing my butt off.  The girls at Seven Dollar Pants saves the day with their cute and affordable winter outfits that they put together and photograph.  See immediately for some winter wardrobe inspiration.

5) We like the idea of keeping cozy at home with the Knit Accessories featured on Eat.Live.Shop.  Looking at them makes me instantly feel warmer.

6) Worst-case scenario - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Get out there and enjoy the snow like Nelia at Style Blog.  She slaps on a smile and a rockin' snowboarding outfit and hits the hills like a good sport.  If only we could be so brave...

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