Monday, February 7, 2011

One Big Happy Family With Hotmail

We know you are a busy gal who loves variety but unfortunately managing multiple email accounts is not as glamorous or fun as coordinating Carrie Bradshaw's closet. Even for the most organized person this task can be daunting with all sorts of passwords to remember, broken conversation threads and having to sign in and out of different accounts.
Lucky for us, Hotmail is here to help us save time and get more done. You can now consolidate your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail into a single account and still be able to read, send and receive messages from different account names. Just think of it as gaining access to your sister's, BFF's and fave celeb's wardrobe right in your own home!
Setting this up takes 5 minutes and is as simple as one, two, three...
Step 1: Add an email account
  • Sign into your Hotmail account (it’s free to sign-up if you don’t have one already) and in your Inbox view you will notice a small tool icon on the upper left corner.
  • Click and choose “Get email from another account”. (Make sure POP access is turned on in the settings of your other account so Hotmail can access your emails.)
Step 2: Enter your account info

Click "Add an email account" and enter in the email and password of the account you wish to add, then click Next. (You can add up to 4 non-Hotmail accounts.)

Step 3: Set folders/icons and verify
Select the folder where you would like email from this account to go and then chose a coloured icon to differentiate the emails sent from that account.

Before your new account is added, you will receive an email asking for verification that you indeed want to add this new account to Hotmail.

Follow the instructions to verify, refresh your Hotmail Options screen and voila you are now setup to start sending/receiving emails all within Hotmail!

(Note: You can chose which email account to send your message from by simply clicking on the email drop down as seen here...)
If you have multiple Hotmail accounts, you can easily link each Windows Live IDs to switch between accounts without signing in/out. Just log-in to your account and under "Other options" click Linked IDs and follow the instructions.
There is also a new alias feature to help Windows Live Hotmail users manage their online identities. You can create alternative email addresses that link to your primary Hotmail account, so instead of having to create a brand new email address when signing up for something which may send someone spam, you can just rely on Hotmail's alias feature, sign up, get the email, and delete the alias when they're all done.

So there you have it, the new Hotmail is THAT good and can efficiently manage your entire email world... but you'll still have to answer your own messages!
Give it a try and start consolidating your emails now at

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