Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office is now built right into Hotmail so you can share and edit office documents without having to open up the whole program.  In fact, you don’t even need to have the software installed; the documents open up inside your Hotmail inbox on your web browser.  PowerPoint slideshows with animations can even run within your Hotmail account, so there’s no need to leave your inbox and come back.  Even better, office web apps are great for hip and urban girls working on the go with their smartphone.  It lets you edit a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document within Hotmail so you can send it back immediately to the office without having to drag out the full laptop.  

The office document is uploaded to the Windows Live Skydrive for easy email access for your recipient.  Everything looks smooth and professional with no funny attachments for them to download or strange formatting issues.  It looks the way it’s supposed to look.  Once you send your email and document, your recipient will be sent a link to open the document online for easy editing.  So you can go back to having fun and living your life, while multi-tasking at the same time.

Here’s how to get down to business:

1) Click NEW to start your email message with your Windows Live ID
2) Hit the OFFICE DOCS icon to select the item you would like to attach
3) Your selection is UPLOADED onto the Windows Sky Drive
4) Press SEND and a link to the document is sent to your recipient
5) You can now both edit and view the file online, with the most UPDATED version of the document being saved and shared each time.

The Excel web app even lets you work at the same time as others on your team.  We like the fact that you can access your work documents from virtually anywhere.  Which means not being chained to your desk or rushing home to get work done.

Have a large office file?  Not a problem.  The smart people at Hotmail thought of that and lets you send up to 200 files, up to 50 MB each.  Everything is stored securely online with whomever you choose to share your secrets with on the Windows Sky Drive.  Everyone who has a Hotmail account is already given a Sky Drive account, so you don’t have to sign up again for anything new.

We love it because hip and urban girls need to have a life. Hotmail and Office Web Apps make it easier to get out more and get things done on the go.  

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