Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beauty Q&A with Makeup Artist, Laura Lee

If you got question then Laura Lee has answers - well at least answers to anything beauty related that is. (Sorry girls but she won't be able to tell you when you'll meet Prince Charming or win the lottery!)

Laura is a makeup artist at Sephora and today she dishes on what's hot for spring in the beauty department and answers common questions she gets from customers.

1) The spring trend is orange lips so how do you wear it without looking like you ran away with the circus?

Wearing orange is a hot color this spring and it's overwhelming for a lot of people. The best advice is to keep everything else simple - you want your lips to pop not everything all at once. If an orange lipstick is too scary to start with try a gloss or even a lip balm with an orange shade. That way it's not as strong as a lipstick but you still get the feel of it. Keep your eyeshadow and blush toned down and you won't look like a clown! You can always go with a different bright color (like red) if orange isn't for you. Anything bright is hot this spring! If you've never worn anything bright on your lips before, it will always look weird at first but I promise you'll get used to it by summer!

2) Glitter instantly adds GLAM but you can totally overdo it! Here's the lowdown on getting shimmery without looking shiny...

Working with glitter you have to be careful or it will get everywhere! (There are many different types of glitter: finely milled glitter and big chunky glitter.) Be strategic with your glimmer, there's a big difference between glitter and shimmer. Shimmer can be done on the daily but glitter can overwhelm your face, save that for New Years Eve or for a kiddie birthday party. Now that's not to say that you can't wear shimmer based powders all over your face - if your aim is to look like a walking disco ball - but wear it in a shimmery blush, eyeshadow or gloss. The trick is not to wear shimmer on selected points and not all at once.

3) A good brush set is a big investment so which brushes do I really need?

Invest in a good brush set because your make up will be easier to apply and it will ultimately improve your results. Yes, it costs a lot but brushes last you for years to come if you take proper care of them. It will also be more hygienic. What if you can't afford a good brush set? You can easily buy only the brushes that you currently need the most and then continue to build on your set, buying one at a time. Start off with a foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush and a powder brush. The eyeshadow brushes that will be the most important in your arsenal would be a medium sized flat eyeshadow brush, a blending brush, an angled liner brush and a smudge brush. Brushes make a world of a difference when you see how your makeup looks like in the end - a more cleaner and well blended finish. Fingers give you a messy and heavy handed look (ladies this is not face painting for adults)! Sponges just soak up half your product and you end up throwing money in the garbage.

4) Perfume - best to spritz on neck, dab on wrist or spray in the air and walk into it?

Perfume should be worn sparingly, you don't want to bathe in it. Concentrate on pulse points: the insides of your wrists, insides of your elbows and behind your ears. Be aware! When spraying perfume on your clothes there is a chance of staining your favorite items. Despite what you see in movies you do not want to rub the perfume in to your skin, this will only "bruise" the perfume molecules, instead let your perfume air dry. Also a reminder that perfume mixes with your natural pheromones - always test it out on yourself before you purchase them. They will most likely smell different on you than they do on those tiny pieces of paper you spray your favorite perfume on all the time.

Stay tuned for Part Deux next week as Laura talks about the infamous smokey eyes and answers your questions about mascara! Thanks again Laura for contributing to HUG and saving us from looking like a giant rainbow!

(These beauty tips are solely of Laura's opinions and personal recommendations and not endorsed by Sephora.)

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