Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting an Active View with Hotmail

It’s all about having a great partner.  Wendy and I are two peas in a hip + urban girl pod.  We live busy city girl lives and are always trying to be efficient with our time, so we can get on with the things that matter.  Like margaritas and yoga class – but not in that order.  Lucky for us, we can piggyback on some of the great partners that Hotmail has teamed up with to save us girls more time, so we can focusing on having a life.

Hotmail now lets you view partner content right in your inbox using their new Active View feature.  Which means you can get through your email quickly without opening up and logging into a dozen websites.  So who are some of these great partners?

Grow your professional network with LinkedIn.  Hotmail lets you easily accept new invitations directly in the email.  While other providers force you to leave your inbox to login to their website.  Most of us would just get lazy and wouldn’t even bother.

We could watch funny FAIL videos at work all day, but we’d never get anything done around here.  You can still get a quick fix as YouTube videos are now integrated to play in Hotmail.  A preview thumbnail, video detail, number of views and title are even included in the email for you.

Track all of your online shoe purchases with an active view of your shipping information.  Instead of staring at a shipping number and clicking through to find out the status of your order, Hotmail delivers the information to you.  The shipping number is recognized by Hotmail and pulled up immediately into your inbox.  We like the functionality that is being brought into our email and the extra steps that are being eliminated.

Did your friends take a bunch of photos of you on your last vacay?  Hotmail lets you see Flickr photos as thumbnails or in a nice and easy slideshow format by bringing the content to you.  So you can save time, stay on top of your social life and the people you care about.

Hotmail is constantly making new friends and adding more great partners, so be on the lookout. Wendy and I have had a great time testing out all the new features from Hotmail for all the hip + urban girls out there.  Stay tuned until May, when we come back with more things you can use to make your life easier.

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