Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Nail Polish Trends

Today is our Spa Party and we're super stoked to get our nails done, drink Cranberry wine and catchup on business (and gossip) with our hip + urban girls!

As we slowly come out of hibernation and enter the month of March, with an added glimmer of hope for warmer weather, what better way to brighten up gloomy cold winter days than with a sexy manicure.

But so many colours and only 10 fingers! Well as always we're here to help so check out what we spotted in the latest nail colour trends:

  • Glittery Metallics - we know your life is so full of sparkle so it's only fair your nails should shine too! Glittery shades are no longer for your kid sister but paint your perfect ten with a splash of silver and gold and you'll look simply gorgeous without trying to hard. Plus it's a great complement to your bling bling! Slap on two coats or brush over a darker shade like a rich violet for those extra special occasions.

  • Greys and Taupes - we caught wind of these shades a year ago and they continue to be a popular trend and my personal fave at the moment! These colours are made especially for the edgier girly girl like moi. They still makes a statement but with a softer touch and works well with just about any colour of clothing. If you are so lucky to spot a bottle of "Greige" - beige with a touch of grey, stock up quick and grab me a bottle too because after a year I'm still hunting for that perfect mushroom hue!

  • Darks - black is out but chocolates, wine reds and deep plums continue to top the list and are often spotted on A-Listers. What's also making a comeback are Blues (not so much the matte robin egg blue that was popular back in high school - what was I thinking or not thinking!) but more along the lines of bold Navys. For something fun, different and spring-inspired, try an icy iridescence blue.

So now we pose the most important question of the day...
what colour are your nails and what are your favourite colours?

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