Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LABEL @ LG Fashion Week 2011, Toronto

After a cool and moody intro video, LABEL designers: Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk busted out their rock and roll collection with a hardcore strut of hot outfits. The Fall/Winter 2011 collection, 'The Morning After' is ready-to-wear fashion that you could imagine wearing on an easy day out on Ossington, while chewing on your Pizzeria Libretto.  Watch the final line-up video below and tell us what you think.   

LABEL was by far one of my favourites that day.  The feel is young, modern and urban - without taking itself too seriously.  The gorgeous warm cape above opened the show and we saw lots of velvet, leather, tough-looking boots and long and flowy silhouettes.  

So what's in a name? "LABEL critiques the fashion industry's tendency to attach wealth and status to luxury brands."  I'm an avid supporter of buying what you truly love and not for the sake of status.  The Toronto-based girls at LABEL got it right on.

Hip + urban girls can try it on in-person at Chasse Garde or at Model Citizen in Toronto.  Shop the collection online @

Catch more of LG Fashion Week 2011 coverage in Toronto here.

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