Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost in Conversation? Problem solved with the New Hotmail!

Remember when Jen broke up with Mike and somehow you got caught up with the drama because you are friends with both? Now they want you to mediate but you don't really remember who said what or why it was such a big deal. Oh and the Supper Club you belong to is asking guests to RSVP and vote on a place - but it'll take hours of sorting to locate the string of emails with all the restaurant choices! Sound familiar? It happens often if someone gets left out of messages, the conversation is with multiple people and/or lots of emails get exchanged in between.

Well Hotmail is going to throw you a life saver and help you out of that sea of lost conversations. It's call Conversation View and here's how it works:

In your Hotmail Inbox, click on the "Arrange by" dropdown located in the top right corner.

Select "Conversation" and Voila! your emails will automatically reorganize itself to show entire message threads. (To exit out of Conversation View, go back in and choose "Date" and all emails will be arranged by their most recent timestamp.)

So what if you want to see all emails you received from one sender? That can be done as well, just right click their name, select "For This Sender" then click “Find e-mail.”

Now messages from that sender or conversations on the same subject are all sorted neatly together...

Pretty cool, eh? So with Conversation View there will be no more endless sorting, lost and forgotten conversations or disorganized Inboxes! It's just another way that the new Hotmail helps hip + urban girls save time and get more done. Now try it out and let us know what you think!

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