Thursday, March 24, 2011

Part 2: Beauty Q&A with Makeup Artist, Laura Lee

Last week, Makeup Artist, Laura Lee answers common questions she gets from working at Sephora. Everything from bright lipsticks to glitter to makeup brushes and perfume. Basically she saved us from looking like a walking rainbow! Now's she's back for part 2 of Beauty Q&A and it's all about the eyes...

1. I'm still struggling with getting the perfect smokey eye! What's a good set/palette to buy?

To master a smoky eye, forget your preconceived notion of black black black - this will only make you look like a urban raccoon. A smoky eye can be achieved with all colors as long as you know what you are doing (and it takes lots of practice and patience).

Start with a good foundation, use an eyeshadow primer (I recommend Urban Decay's Primer Potion), then you need to chose three colors. A light color to highlight the brown bone and inner corner of the eye, a medium color to sweep across the entire lid and a darker color to go close to the lash line. The darker the eyeshadow color the more intense your smoky eye will appear. If you are going to attempt a first smoky eye I suggest buying a palette that has instructions with the colors that you prefer. Youtube is a great site to search for tutorial videos on various make up looks.

A nice palette is Two Faced smokey eye kit, Benefit Smokin' Eyes and Sephora smokey eyes makes a nice kit which includes instructions, eyeshadow, eyeliner and a mascara! Use the best brush set that you can afford, don't ruin a good foundation by putting make up on with your fingers. Blending is your friend.

2. What's your opinion on lash enhancer serums? Do they really work?

There are various types of lash serums however, they essentially all have the same goal, to get you great lashes! They provide nutrients and vitamins that will get your lashes at their optimal conditions to grow and strengthen. But this serum is no miracle worker, if there were no lashes to begin with it will not make them magically appear!

Serums are also treatments which means continuous usage or you're just wasting your money. What's the different between prices? More expensive products may mean that there are more medicinal ingredients where as other products may not - but the main factor is continuous usage!!

3. Is there really a difference between brand name mascaras that cost $25 vs the $10 tube I can get at Shoppers Drug Mart?

While we are on the topic of price... mascara in my practice appears to be a personal preference. Not all of us are blessed with full beautiful lashes, for those of us who need some help, here are some of the differences. Some individuals like a more thick consistency as opposed to a more liquid consistency.

But what makes the price different? There's the brand, then there is the brush of the mascara, the ingredients (some that will lengthen, curl, volumize). Some also have vitamins and fortifiers that condition your lashes. The number one selling mascara at Sephora are any of the Dior mascaras. I like a mascara that you can build on where others like a one swipe one shot deal. Sometimes you have to try a couple of ones you hate before you find the "magic" one!

4. What's the top 5 ALL-TIME best sellers at Sephora?
  • Make Up Forever HD foundation - great for medium to full coverage that feels light on the face but gives you a flawless finish without the cakey look.
  • Dior Mascaras - there are several different ones but all of them are great and depends on what you're looking for (add length, volume, etc.).
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - if your eyeshadow creases or fades away before the day is done you need to use it before you put on any eyeshadow or eyeliner. The colour will stay on longer and go on brighter.
  • Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick - they come in lots of colours, are moisturizing and they go on beautifully.
  • Smashbox Photofinish Primer - put it on before you apply foundation and your makeup will go on smooth as silk.

Thanks again Laura for all the makeup advice!

(These beauty tips are solely of Laura's opinions and personal recommendations and not endorsed by Sephora.)

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