Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stay Stylishly Fit with Reebok EasyTone

While I can think of a million excuses not to go to the gym, here's one good reason why I should! Reebok recently launched EasyTone, a brand new line of stylish toning apparel for women made with ResisTone bands. These bands are strategically placed on the apparel to create resistance which is designed to help tone and strengthen upper body muscles and encourage better posture and body alignment.

Hmmmm so basically Reebok is saying that these bands work to help me work out?! PLUS I'll look cute! Done deal, I couldn't wait to get my sample and as soon as I did I hit the gym!

A month later: what do I think and does it really work?

  • First off the Play Dry fabric was awesome! It felt soft against my skin and stayed cool and dry throughout my booty camp class. In yoga, I moved freely and was very comfortable doing a downward dog.
  • Both top and pants do fit really snug though but that's the whole point - the athletic design contours to your body for maximum support. There is resistance when you move which helps you tone your body and improve your posture and alignment.
  • I'm lovin' the EasyTone pants just because they lift up my butt! Plus the dual ResisTone bands are strategically placed to encourage a workout on the hamstring, quadriceps and butt muscles with every step.
  • What's cool about this line is you can wear it outside the gym or under clothing at the office (great for those with desk jobs and need a little ergonomic help to sit up straight)! I know Reebok definitely renewed my motivation to hit the gym and lead a more active lifestyle.
  • Ladies, I highly recommend you trying everything on before you purchase it and go up at least one size.

Of course results are not instant and ultimately you have to put in your share of hard work and time. Seriously sitting around at home wearing your EasyTone outfit may make you look like a workout fashionista but you won't miraculously wake up with Eva Mendes' body! But yes, Reebok EasyTone does what it says it is going to do: it helps you achieve added benefits and better results in your daily active lifestyle.

Reebok EasyTone apparel and footwear is available at select Sport Chek locations across Canada. The collection includes pants ($79.99), capri pants ($69.99), shorts available in April ($54.99), long bra style shirts ($64.99), short-sleeved shirts ($59.99) and sleeveless shirts($54.99) and shoes ($109.99).

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