Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Burger is $100!

Before burgers became "gourmet", we always thought of them as cheap fast-food or something you throw onto your BBQ for a quick and filling meal but what's up with the sudden expensive trend? And what exactly is a "gourmet burger"?

Well typically burgers become pricey when it is associated with a famous chef - as in the case of Mark McEwan's Bymark 8oz U.S.D.A. Prime Burger priced at a whopping $35...

Or when it is made in house with natural and high quality ingredients like the unique Aussie Burger (basically kangaroo meat) available at Grindhouse Burger Bar for $16...

Grindhouse Burger Bar

And then there are those burgers served on special brioche buns and topped off with fancy aged cheeses, truffle shavings and foie gras that can easily add to the price tag. Even the typical "burger joints" have changed and now you can sit-down in a modern dining room to enjoy your meal while a beautiful waitstaff takes your expensive order... instead of asking you if you'll like fries with that, they present you with a wine list. No doubt, this all adds up!

But nothing adds up to m:brgr's $100 BRGR!!! So what do you get exactly? 2 x Kobe patties, bacon, grilled pear, foie gras, brie, fig jam, asparagus, Piave del vecchio cheese, garlic roasted ham, porcini mushrooms, honey truffle aioli and truffle carpaccio. Oh and to throw in some extra bang for your buck, it also comes with sweet potato fries, regular fries, french fried onions, arugula and cherry tomatoes.

Jeff Dichter is the owner of m:brgr and admits that most people don't actually order this $100 burger (really! why not?) but it's on the menu for novelty and to build buzz. Right on and only in King West can you get away with it.

So what's the BEST burger you've had and how much did you spend? And would you ever splurge on a $100 burger?


  1. $100 burger is obscene.
    The best burger I've had is at People's Foods on Dupont. Fresh made, and under $10. Even the onion rings are homemade.

  2. I heard there's a burger in las vegas that goes for $5000. But I think it comes with a bottle of champagne. I think that evens it out?

  3. I was actually quite impressed with the M : brgr chicken burger! I can see why this place is getting good buzz already, but that $100 burger better come with a wheelchair, as I don't see you can you finish it and walk away!

  4. You already feel guilty after you eat an entire burger and a side of fries... why would you want to do that to your wallet as well?

    Lauren from ChickAdvisor

  5. I've had many a great burger (and in some instances with organic beef) at small pubs in and around the Burlington, Mississauga and Hamilton area that are fairly inexpensive but can most likely equal a $100 burger. It all depends on how fancy you get with the ingredients, and who makes it - a chef who is very well known can jack up a price of a burger for a number of reasons: to pay his salary, to cover the costs of his swanky restaurant's rent/lease, and to pay for his pricey equipment that he's purchased.

    If you actually calculated how much an average "gourmet" burger costs to make, it would be anywhere between $10 - $15 max.

  6. The Bymark burger looks way more yummy than the M:Brgr. Plus it looks like a steal at just $35! :p