Friday, March 11, 2011

Topshop is Coming to The Bay

Chic British clothier Topshop will be teaming up with The Bay to bring their brand across Canada.  Hip + urban boys, do not fret - the import will include Topman - so we can all get our fashion fix.  Topshop will exist inside The Bay stores and stand alone locations are also in the works.  Toronto will be the first in line for a full-on Topshop coming Fall 2011.  

Topshop tested the Canadian waters with a collection at indie clothing boutique, Jonathan + Olivia.  Looks like it was a success!  The closest access prior to that was flying across the pond or visiting their single North American store in New York City.  2011 seems to be the year of 'Retail Expansions' with the announcement of Target and Simons going coast-to-coast.  In the meantime, see what we're all getting so excited about, visit Topshop online.

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