Monday, April 18, 2011

HUG and The City

Each week we filter through many events to bring you a shortlist of unique things to do in and around the city. So check back each Monday and we'll make sure you always have something to look forward to throughout the week!

Sprout Up Toronto
> Come out for another meetup with the Sprouter Team and fellow Sprouters. The guest speaker will be Michael Yavonditte, the founder of buzzed-about NYC-based startup Hashable.
Date: Wed, Apr 20
Venue: The Courthouse (57 Adelaide St. East)

Petite Feet Sample Sale
> The Biggest Designer Spring Shoe Sale in the GTA is Back! Over 20,000 pairs of shoes and a new section with Boutique Brands at blowout prices.
Date: Thurs, Apr 21 to Sun, Apr 24
Venue: International Center (6900 Airport Road)

Strip Spelling Bee
> The "Bare It All For Spring" edition! This game is played a lot like strip poker, but it's a spelling bee, and it's played in front of a live audience of hooters, hollerers and hecklers who want to see some smart and sexy skin.
Date: Fri, Apr 22
Venue: Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander St)

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