Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Date with Jason Lewis - Textuality Movie Premiere

I would like to think of this post as, "My Date with Jason Lewis," but really - I just showed up to his red carpet movie premiere for the Canadian film, Textuality. He goes in to shake my hand...and I use that as, "Yay! We're best friends and haven't seen you ages!" and give him a big hug. Yes, I'm THAT girl. Awk-ward. Jason must get this all the time and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and I was in bliss. I mean how can we all not forget him as Smith Jerrod from Sex and the City?
Anyhoo - look at that ridiculous grin on my face. Lewis is in town for the premiere of his new rom-com, Texuality which opened in theatres this past Friday. Lewis' character, Breslin meets cute with co-star, Carly Pope as he almost runs her hipster/granola character, Simone over with his car. 
The film follows the evolution of their relationship through the use of social media, technology and of course, texting. Both characters 'play' a lot of people, which is almost impossible to do in the age of Facebook. Everyone in Toronto in a general age group seems to be connected to someone you know, somehow. The odds of people not having 'mutual friends' these days are pretty slim. Which is how everything blows up on everyone. I'll leave it at that - you'll have to see the movie. 
What did I really like about the film? That Toronto stood in for itself and city landmarks could just be in these characters' lives. Comic relief always comes in the form of a sidekick friend and this time it was multi-tasker, Liam Card who also served as the film's screenwriter. The movie also has a killer soundtrack of indie artists.
Textuality is in theatres now - http://www.textualitymovie.com

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  1. Nice photo of you, but Jason looks like he's got a bit of "crazy eyes" going on.