Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Urban Eats @ Bobbette and Belle, Toronto

Located at 1121 Queen Street East, Bobbette & Belle is a buzz on Saturday and Sunday mornings and with the warm weather just around the corner you better get there right at 10:00am especially if you want a seat. This artisan patisserie boasts a large open-air counter filled with freshly baked treats. The bright and rustic environment sets a picture perfect backdrop to a wall covered in designer wedding cakes, cupcakes and marshmallows. From fresh brewed Balzac’s coffee, artisanal bread, sandwiches and quiches (weekends only), tarts, blueberry scones with Devonshire cream, cupcakes, Macarons and mini-cakes, Bobbette & Belle is definitely a welcomed addition to the foodie communities of Riverdale and Leslieville.
Allysson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell are the fabulous confectionary duo behind Bobbette & Belle. “Fresh baked daily, home-style and reasonably priced” are the words they use to describe Bobbette & Belle. Everything you find is baked from scratch, using only the finest ingredients including Lindt chocolate, Boiron fruit purees imported from France, and Nielsen-Massey's pure Madagascar vanilla.”

My favourite is the bag of salted caramels. One dozen, pre-packaged bag will cost you $8.95. Another specialty (in my honest opinion they have perfected this recipe) are their marshmallows. Already packaged and lined along the wall you will find various flavours in passion fruit, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate & toasted coconut. 

If that’s not enough to tantalize your sweet tooth perhaps the fresh baked extra large cupcakes will do you in. They come in, Vanilla with raspberry buttercream, salted caramel, vanilla, mango passion fruit, chocolate with peanut butter, cookies & cream, Gianduja (hazelnut), chocolate, lemon cake with lemon buttercream and red velvet with creamed cheese buttercream. Bobbette and Belle’s cupcakes are moist, not overly sweet or rich. The buttercream is a delight to eat as well. Keep in mind that these are extra large cupcakes so for a measly $2.75 each, it’s a steal.
Have you ever had a Macaron? And no not macaroons, these are not the ones that consist of shredded coconut. First born in Italy centuries ago, the Macaron now takes center stage in Paris, France… And of course can be found at Bobbette & Belle for $2.00 each. With a distinct almond flavour and round shape the Macaron has a delicate but crunchy outer shell that gives way to a soft almond meringue on the inside. I highly suggest buying a box to try all eight flavours, Gianduja: dark chocolate ganache with praline and roasted hazelnuts, Classic:
rich and creamy ganache made with a semi sweet chocolate, Passionfruit: white chocolate ganache with passion fruit puree, Pecan: milk chocolate ganache with toasted pecans, Mocha: espresso buttercream with a hint of chocolate, Caramel: rich butter caramel with fleur de sel, Vanilla: Madagascar vanilla buttercream and Raspberry: tart raspberry and lemon buttercream. 

Last but not least, how Bobbette & Belle first got started… Wedding cakes! Whether you have a design in mind or need some direction, I highly suggest you check out Bobette & Belle. They have a wide array of chic, yet affordable designs for you to choose from. But before you run in, make sure you call ahead all consultations are by appointment only.

I know there are many reviews out there with folks on the quest to find the best cupcake, Macarons, etc-etc, so here’s to adding to the list. In my opinion Bobbette & Belle truly lives up to their commitment “Fresh baked daily, home-style and reasonably priced”. If you’re ever on Queen Street East, pop in and even if you’re not it’s definitely worth the trip.

Bobbette & Belle
1121 Queen Street East, Toronto

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Cindy Johnson is the Principal Wedding and Event Stylist at Platinum Events Group. She blogs about her passion for food at She's Spicy.

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