Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Urban Eats @ The Gabardine, Toronto

The Gabardine in Toronto serves up 'Fine Grub and Libations' to the downtown crowd in a charming little spot tucked next to the 7-11. We love their selection of panini sandwiches, salads and comfort food favourites likes Mac & Cheese ($13), Beef Stroganoff ($23) and Steak Frites ($23). Picking a place to eat in the Financial District is always a bit stressful. It's generally priced for expense accounts, while wearing your best power suit. Some days, you just want a fun, casual spot that's central - which is why we love The Gabardine. Word is getting out, because the place is packed.
The Gabardine serves up some fab classic cocktails like a French Martini, Caesars, a Bourbon Old Fashioned and Bubbly - which we gobbled up during our liquid lunch. It's five o'clock somewhere right?
Devilled Eggs ($4) are sort of a pain to make on your own. I can never seem to boil my eggs right.  These four creamy piped eggs, sprinkled with paprika is perfect with a beer after a long week at work.  The Gabardine is going to be a hit in the Financial District for the overworked and hungry, who are needing some home cooked comfort love.
Warm Olives ($3) and Kir Royale ($10) because sometimes a girl needs to celebrate. Really digging the retro-style glasses vs. the usual flute. Take note of the floral vintage plates and non-fussy place settings. The Gabardine is not pretentious, uber modern or too cool for school. The space, staff and food are down-to-earth and a much welcomed addition to the neighbourhood. It's a great place to meet up with a friend for lunch or dinner. The Gabardine also serves up a great little breakfast menu of oatmeal, granola, eggs and paninis for those early morning meetings.
I really enjoyed my Yellowfin Tuna Panino ($14) with olive tapenade, aioli, oven-roasted tomato and arugula, served with a side of greens. The whole thing was perfectly balanced with not one flavour overpowering the sandwich. The arugula really lets the tuna shine and the tapenade was a nice finish. I would order this again and highly recommend it for lunch.
The Gabardine is a gem of restaurant in downtown Toronto. It's a great place to take a co-worker for lunch or to meet up after work for an easy going dinner. The plaid-wearing staff are incredibly friendly and even sang a couple Milli Vanilli songs for us. 

The Gabardine
372 Bay Street at Adelaide
(647) 352-3211
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  1. How random! I went into this place for the first time last week for breakfast - so cute, so good. Great review :)