Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Eats @ Porchetta, Toronto

Porchetta & Co. is a gusty restaurant.

It takes a gutsy restaurant to open up in the same neighborhood as great restaurants like the Black Hoof and Campagnolo.  It takes an even gutsier restaurant to take these giants on in their own speciality - charcuterie.

By focusing on their signature menu item, porchetta, this storefront restaurant has carved out a niche for themselves in Toronto.

Porchetta is a pork shoulder that has been marinated in herbs and spices, wrapped in prosciutto and then wrapped in cured pork belly.  This whole delicacy is slow roasted, resulting in a crispy, crunchy skin and a moist, flavorful interior.

Porchetta & Co. serves their namesake in two ways.  You can either get a sourdough sandwich stuffed with carved porchetta or a plate of porchetta.

You can add toppings to both the sandwich or the plate, like tomato or truffle sauce, mushrooms and cheese.  While each addition is great, I found them unnecessary.  A little mustard was all that was needed to bring out the great pork flavor.

Several sides are offered including roasted potatoes and braised rapini.  My dining companion found the rapini to be a great addition to her sandwich.  The garlic in the greens went perfectly with the crispy bits of pork skin hidden in the soft bread and moist meat.

Dinners can get a great meal for very little at Porchetta & Co.  The sandwich is only $6 and the plate is $8.  Toppings and sides are extra, but a full meal can be bought for under $10.
Porchetta & Co. only takes cash, so be prepared.

Go on a sunny day and expect to take your sandwich to go. Porchetta & Co. has limited counter seating only.

Plus, if you stay in Porchetta & Co. too long, you will be tempted to buy another sandwich.  This happened to me each time I was there.

Lastly, stop by Odile Chocolate next store for dessert.  Their raspberry vinegar truffle makes a great last course to your meal at Porchetta & Co. --- Joshua Lenon.

Porchetta & Co, Toronto
325 Dundas Street West
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  1. Porchetta has a disproportionate bun to porchetta ratio which makes the price tag less than palatable.

    Went there expecting some homey generosity and got fantastic service with a side of classic Toronto frugality. Can't say this is a place folks should be recommended to. Porchetta is a classic Toronto staple from humble roots to satisfy big appetites. Sadly, this restaurant falls short (without getting into the details of the actual porchetta itself).

  2. I just went and it was a pretty good portion. Sure, it's not overflowing but I didn't feel greasy like I ate too much afterwards. I think $6 is a very reasonable cost, considering how much time it takes to make the meat.