Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Urban Eats @ Prairie Girl Bakery, Toronto

There’s a new cupcake shop in Toronto and it straddles the borders of the Financial District and the King East neighbourhood. The smell of fresh cupcakes have already attracted line-ups and sold out flavours by mid-afternoon in just one short week. 

Jean Blacklock is the face in front and the soul behind Prairie Girl Bakery in Toronto.  We don’t know if we should be more impressed by her ambitious business savvy or the phenomenal execution of her delicious cupcakes.  The two strengths come together as Jean is on her way to paving a path to prove that cupcakes are no fad, rather a celebration of quality ingredients and a passion for fun eats. 

The Prairie Girl is Jean herself, having grown up on a farm in Saskatchewan with a love for baking and cooking.  A career in real estate law led her from Saskatoon to Calgary and eventually to Toronto. But it wasn’t until 2009 Jean decided to leave the corporate world and follow her dream of having her own business. 

So why cupcakes? Well there isn’t any better option when your goals are to make people happy and have fun – it’s true, her cupcakes are addictively smile inducing.  And for the skeptics that think cupcakes are just another trend, Jean knows that her commitment to freshness, high-quality ingredients and array of size and flavour options will stand the test of time as a dessert offering in Toronto.  The flavour menu ranges from ‘chocolate chocolate’ to ‘banana peanut butter’, with rotating features and a commitment to offering gluten-free options.  

A commitment to creating a fun work environment has helped Jean to engage excited employees that are passionate about providing a top-quality product and giving great customer service.  It only makes sense that with that kind of philosophy, the success of the business will follow.  And it seems to be working!  It looks like Jean has everything in place to have a successful business that will stick around for a long time; coming from a family of small business owners, Jean knows the kinds of standards and hard work involved as an entrepreneur.  It also helps that she has a solid support system with her super-encouraging teenage sons and husband.

The verdict on the cupcakes?  Delicious!  Regardless of the flavour; fresh is always on the menu.  The purity of the ingredients results in light, fluffy and flavourful cupcakes.  If we had to pick, the red velvet cream cheese and vanilla coconut are total winners.  Combine the quality of the desserts, the convenient location (right by King Subway station) and an inspiring hip + urban girl at the helm; we think that Prairie Girl Bakery will be a staple in Toronto’s cupcake repertoire. --- Michelle Tham

Prairie Girl Bakery
18 King Stree East #106, Toronto
Photo Credits: Sabrina Zomparelli

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  1. I thought the cupcakes were basically the same. The cake is either a vanilla or chocolate with a different icing. I'd rather have a full pledged flavor used in the cake and icing. I didn't like the look of the shop either. I wouldn't go out of my way for a visit.

  2. Great comment! I wonder if they will eventually do a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing as a daily special?

    @Anonymous - what's your fave cupcake store in Toronto? I am a huge fan of Yummy Stuff on Queen West and find their cakes to have my favourite raspberry buttercream

  3. @Lisa - I like Yummy Stuff too! Dlish Cupcakes also on Queen West is really good too. You must try them. Looks like Queen West has the best cupcakes in T.O.

  4. nothing beats We Bake In Heels cupcakes, they have so many flavors and the cake itself is actually different - they don't just change up the frosting!! they make the perfect cupcakesm fresh and moist. If you are downtown, bobette and bell are good too!