Thursday, April 21, 2011

What To Buy NOW: Spring Transition Pieces

Spring is here but dear Mother Nature must have missed that memo. My closet full of pieces for the warmer weather are sadly collecting dust. Ladies, what we need now are a few wardrobe fillers that add layers of warmth and coordinate stylishly with our spring looks. Here are three items that I’ve added to my closet over the last month that have been indispensable during spring’s chilly start.

I picked up this slouchy shrug in moon gray a few weeks ago during a 40% off sale at the Gap and paid less than $10 for it! The angora blend is super soft and warm but it has short sleeves so I’m not roasting. It might be a bit of an adventure to find this piece in stores so late in the season, especially after that crazy sale, but any nude or neutral cardi, blazer or oversized shrug is a great substitute. 

Short dresses and bare legs might be a little risque when the temperature is still at single digits but a pair of fun tights is a stylish remedy. I’ve been wearing a pair of nude fishnets similar to this DKNY pair from Even though your skin is exposed, they do add a teensy bit of warmth and look hot! Do try to avoid winter’s staple black opaque tights since we are trying to dress for spring. I also stay away from sheer flesh tone pantyhose unless I’m heading to a really professional or formal occasion. It’s just too matronly (and boring). I really love semi-opaque tights in bright colours paired with open toe shoes and interesting variations on the fishnet for spring. If you’d rather shop for tights in stores check out The Bay’s huge selection or Winners and StyleSense for discounted designer styles. 

Scarves in lighter fabrics are also a staple for me these days because even the thinnest scarf still leaves me feeling just a little bit warmer when I wrap it tightly. An oldie I’ve been wearing a lot  is a lovely lace infinity scarf by ScarfParty that I picked up at a pop-up I hosted during the holidays. The lace is still chic, of course, but it’s black and gold so I  find myself throwing it on for evenings out. For day, I love candy coloured scarves like a lime pashmina I picked up ages ago and I’d love to add an exotic printed piece from ScarfParty’s newest collection into the rotation. 

I’m really surprised that with just 3 simple additions to my wardrobe, I’ve been able to brave the short, the sleeveless, and the sheer without freezing my tush off. Get yourself into your spring clothes faster by mixing in pieces from last season or buying a new layering piece now. A bit of advice: don’t over think these purchases and snag a sale when you can -- I’m certain the heat is around the corner. 

-- Tamika Auwai is a fashion junkie, splurge-a-holicand the Founder of Shop Socials.
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  1. Spring transition is by far my favourite season for fashion. I get to buy a few new pieces but I don't have to put away the warmer ones I love just yet. Instead, I get to show them off more because they aren't hidden by a bulky coat. If I could live somewhere where the season was like this all the time I would be a very happy girl!

  2. Hey Lauren, hope you're dealing with the warmer temps. I don't care how hot it gets, happy to be out of the transition for the most part :)