Friday, April 15, 2011

WIND Mobile Dos & Don'ts Contest

If you missed out on our Textuality Part One contest, you'll be missing out on walking the red carpet with us at the Textuality premiere and just maybe rubbing shoulders with "Smith" from SATC! But have no fear... we believe in second chances.

Today we are giving away a BlackBerry Bold 9780 from WIND Mobile so you can get your dating game on. We know how essential it is in this digital age to have BBM because it's no longer cool to give someone your email and how else are you going to efficiently drink n' text (or maybe not).

To enter, Tweet your Do's and Don'ts @HipUrbanGirl and don't forget to include hashtag #Textuality. We'll be selecting a winner who gives us the best dating tip in THREE DAYS.

Check out the WIND Mobile Dos and Don'ts of Textuality... put together by yours truly as well as 7 of our most date worthy blogger friends (Breanna Huges, Hawley Dunbar, Reggie Ramone, Simone Paget, Sofi Typewriter, Tristan Banning and Valerie Stachurski).

Click image for more useful tips and LOL's!

About WIND Mobile...

Simply put, they want to create the most unforgettably positive customer experience in Canada! How? By speaking with you, not at or over you. By making every site you visit, every store you set foot in and every call you have with them into a meaningful conversation to help build something better - together. They'll make it as easy as possible to be a customer. You'll have more control over your mobile experience than you've ever had before. And you'll get all this at a price you can afford!

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  1. The winner for the WIND Mobile contest is Lauren B! Enjoy your Blackberry Bold and have fun getting textual! :)