Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wanna be our date for the Textuality premiere?

Without totally sounding like an ancient dinosaur, when I first starting dating... if a boy was interested in a girl, he'll write his digits on a piece of paper and slip it to her during homeroom. But in this day and digital age, is it still cool to ask for a number or do you just swap Twitter handles and BBM? What about language etiquette? "how r u? wanna go 2 a movie 2morrow? :-)"

Well eight of us social media mavens and bloggers got together to find out! And I can definitely assure you that it was more than a one night stand as we had a fantastic LOL of a time discussing the art and science of dating, mating and hooking up in our modern, hyper-connected world.

And now we share with you our wisdom in the WIND Mobile Dos and Don'ts of Textuality.

We know committing is hard but we're still going to ask YOU to be our date for the Textuality premiere on Tuesday, April 19 @ TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Simply Tweet " Hey @HipUrbanGirl I want to be your date for the #Textuality Red Carpet premiere!"

One Tweep will be chosen at random to win a pair of these tickets. Remember you only have THREE DAYS to enter this contest!

TEXTUALITY is a lighthearted look at 2 people trying to get into a relationship, who must first get OUT of the multiple relationships they were managing through their BlackBerrys before they met.
At its heart, is a story about living, loving, and most importantly - laughing at ourselves in this crazy digital age.

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  1. Congrats to Manon L of Mississauga for winning a pair of tickets to the premier of Textuality!