Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wrap Yourself in Miik

Last weekend, I was invited to Miik's designer, Michael Gaughan's super hip King West Loft for an afternoon of dressup and wine & cheese. There were no catfights by the dress racks but just plenty of smiles, ohhh's ahhh's and compliments.

(From left to right, the blogging beauties are: Nat, Christine, Marie, Simone, Valerie, Wendy and Natasa.)

Miik is a lifestyle brand that blends fashion, function and eco-sustainability. They use environmentally-friendly fabrics such as bamboo which feels ultra soft and comfy plus it doesn't lose its shape or fade like other textiles. We're talking about timeless and stylish pieces that you can wear every season and is versatile enough for the office, a special date or a night out with the girls.

@christineestima and @NatandMarie


@ValTorontoGal and @StilettoTwins

After trying on half a dozen dresses (and loving them all) I finally settled on the "Victoria" sun dress in charcoal grey. I'm a petite girl but this dress really knows how to perfectly hug my body in all the right places! It also has a beautiful neckline that is adjustable (because girls like options) and depending on just how risque I feel, well you know the rest...


So go ahead and indulge in Miik because you'll not only look good but it'll do the planet good as well.

LIKE the Miik Facebook page and comment on one of the dress pics of us for a chance to win a Miik dress of your own.

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  1. haha love this! Ooo la la we all look so posh in our sustainable dresses.


    You are all wonderful! xo don't you see you nearly enough!