Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm On A Boat - Mariposa Cruises, Toronto

It's spring time in Toronto and I went for a little spin on a Mariposa Boat Cruise last week. They had just renovated their largest ship, The Matthew Flinders and threw a party to celebrate.

Now, I haven't been on a boat cruise since frosh week and I can barely remember that. I do remember the bathrooms being really tiny and that it was probably a bad idea that I was drinking, while everything was moving. So, I jumped at the chance to experience an elegant ride on the water vs. the booze cruise of yesteryear. It was a bit windy out there but the rain had stopped and it turned out to be a beautiful day to be on the water. Here are a few pics I snapped...

Our ride that day - The Matthew Flinders, Mariposa Cruises in Toronto
Delicious snacks on board

Taking a tour of the interior and then bumping into some friends...
Ali from Chickadvisor and Anita from I Want I Got
Beauties: Casie of and I finally got to meet Keri from Keri Blog
Caught up with Maria Cheung and her guest from The Bay, Special Events
Soaked up the gorgeous skyline from the water
If you get stuck planning the summer office party or want a fun venue for a celebration, check out Mariposa Cruises, Toronto -

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