Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking Your Social Calendar Online

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I’m a hardcore organizer. When I was in high school it was all about my mini Five-Star Student Day Planner with its refillable sheets. I was a self over-scheduler, so keeping track of where I had to be and when things are happening were important to me. My day planner was army green and zippered up with a small pen inside and carried my endless to-do lists.

I eventually had to ditch the day planner. It got ridiculous trying to carry the thing around and never mind the amount of white-out I had to use when plans changed. When I forgot my day planner, I couldn’t confirm plans with anyone until I got home – if I could even remember that I had to confirm. I moved to a Palm Pilot afterwards, but just couldn’t stick to that either.

So now I’m in sort of a limbo and I’m considering taking my social life online. Hotmail has introduced an online calendar that you can share with friends, siblings, your significant other and even your mom (at your own risk). Simply input all the great stuff you’re doing and then choose who you want to share your calendar with. It saves a ton of time from checking availability back and forth over email, especially if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse that has an even busier schedule than you. It’s easy to create an online event using Hotmail Calendar. First, invite people to your party or meeting and then track their RSVPs online, whether they use Windows Live or not. You can even create multiple calendars for different categories like work, personal, birthdays or events. Choose to see them all at once or individually.

Hotmail’s online calendar can sync with your Smartphone and will update all copies automatically. This definitely beats my old school Palm Pilot, where I had to hook it up to a dock to sync every time I came home. Along with your calendar, Windows Live can also sync your contacts and emails as well. So everything is up-to-date and you’re not wasting your sweet time updating each thing separately. Guess what? It’s also free with no subscription fee or anything like that.

If you have a running list of personal to-dos like me, you can store these alongside your calendar. Keep your grocery list, errands and correspondence to-dos in one easy place and share away with your roommates, co-workers and friends on things you are all working on together. Feeling forgetful? Set an alarm or reminder to go off with your event or to-do 30 minutes beforehand to make sure you’re ready to go. Reminders can come to you via Messenger or text.

So right now, I’m using a calendar stuck to my wall that my husband constantly makes fun of me for. After checking out all the features of Hotmail’s Calendar, I think it might be time for me to finally embrace going digital to save me time and a little more white-out.

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