Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 5 Hip + Urban Girl Beauty Products

Last month Skinny Dip revealed her top 5 beauty products and this time, it´s my turn to share with you the essentials of my daily beauty regime.

1) Clean Start SPF15 - I swear by sunscreen and have tried many before falling in love with this one! It goes on light with a matte finish but still moisturizes the skin well. I especially love how fast it absorbs so you only have to wait a few minuates before applying your makeup and there is absolutely no chalky white residue left behind. A big bonus is the refreshing clean scent. (Dermalogica $32)

2) Yes To Blueberries Towelettes - ya we heard all the excuses of why you didn't wash your face... it was too late, you were too tired, had a little too much to drink and forgot, etc. Well with these pre-moistened towelettes you can actually clean your face while in bed because it requires no water/rinsing. Each sheet has added apple + lemon peel to cleanse, brighten and moisturize all-in-one so simply wipe away the impurities and makeup easy and quickly before saying goodnight. Great for the gym, traveling or if you need that extra mid-day refresh. (Shoppers Drug Mart $12 for 30)

3) NARS orgasm blush- the cheeky name says it all! This pinky peach blush with the slightest shimmer of gold flakes flatters any complexion and gives you that special happy afterglow. With this blush, a little goes a long way too. (Sephora $27)

4) Caudalie cleansing water - I've been using this product for 4 years now and my daily cleansing routine just won't be complete without it. It's an eco-friendly product that works on all skin types and even around the sensitive eye areas. I primarily use it for effortlessly getting the last stubborn traces of eye makeup off (yes, that includes waterproof mascara too). Soak a cotton pad with a few drops of this cleansing water and even though your face may look clean, you'll be surprised at what's still left behind! (Sephora $26)

5) Luxuriant Cracked Heel Repair - I only recently discovered this product and just in time to prep my heels for sandals season! It conveniently comes in a stick for no fuss/no mess application and has a shea butter base with a natural lemony botanical scent. It has a dual function of moisturizing really really well and is anti-bacterial which is suitable for healing athlete's foot. It also works wonders for dry elbows and knees. (The Shopping Channel $15)

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  1. I'm going to keep an eye out for those blueberry wipes! I use unscented baby wipes right now, when I'm in a pinch, and like them. But BLUEBERRIES?! yes, please.