Thursday, June 2, 2011

ecco Fall / Winter 2011 Preview

I'll let you in on a little secret. I single-handedly occupy both closets in the master bedroom I share with my hip urban husband. The fact that one of these closets is exclusively for shoes indicates I'm definitely a shoe lover who borders on obsession. I pride myself on knowing my shoe brands so I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I let ecco fly under my usually acute shoedar.

This Scandinavian footwear and accessories company is a family business that's been around for quite some time and I've been missing out. Of course, this might be because ecco's reputation is  built on producing functional casual footwear. I have a tendency to skip important winter boot features like soles with actual tread and could care less about injection-molded heels that prevent slush from seeping into your socks, both of which ecco does extremely well.

The surprising thing is, despite all that sensibility, the fall winter collection was extremely stylish.

The collection features demure, read: wearable, heeled boots in muted tones of black coffee, sepia, cognac, port and a new neutral, grape leaf. I've actually been wearing a pair of favourite deep mossy green boots for a few years, so the introduction of unexpected green resulted in immediate love.

My new lust-have is the LaGranda, (below left).  They'll be available in limited quantities online and in select locations for the month of September only. Don't be surprised if you catch them making an early fall debut with rolled denim and a crisp white shirt. Also nominated to be first on the fall shoe scene are these tough buckled Sight ankle boots (below right), a potential partner for edgier looks. 

I'm thinking this year might possibly be the year that I own a pair of real winter boots. I've got snowmen to build! If I take the plunge I'll go with Hill, though I'd also like the stylist for ecco's print campaign to loan me this model's look to go with. The most remarkable thing about these boots is how incredibly light and flexible they are. I also love that they come in a shorter boot. I shy away from serious winter gear because it always looks so bulky and heavy. Not so for these.
For apres-snow, I adore these snuggly Jaffna booties. They're lined with faux fur and I loved the leather wrapped heel, a detail found on most ecco footwear. Since chalet looks are about style, I feel justified in recommending a bag to go with. The Moscow messenger in grape leaf (hiding behind the great Leros ankle boot), would make a fine pair.

The ecco collection features women's footwear priced at $160 to $295, handbags from $110 to $350 and also includes footwear for men and children.  Shop online or at one of ecco's retail outlets inside the core at The Eaton Centre or First Canadian Place, or across the GTA. 

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