Monday, June 20, 2011

The Elmwood Spa Oxygen Facial Giveaway!

The gorgeous tiled hot tub at Elmwood Spa
***Congratulations to our winner - Patricia Sheng*** Thanks for liking our page on FB. I was recently hooked up to an oxygen machine and told to breathe deeply.

After getting used to the tubes up my nose, I settled in and started soaking up the 98% pure oxygen that was being pumped through my body, while receiving a relaxing massage.

Not to panic. I was perfectly healthy. Luckily for me, I was just paying a visit to the spa and soaking up one their new Oxygen Treatments.

So why oxygen? Well, the result is instant revitalization and energy. I was expecting to feel really zen and relaxed, but instead I had an air of clarity. My spa contact, Kathryn admitted that she once did a really tough spinning class after an oxygen treatment one day. It's easy to see why one would return again and again.

Serenity Garden at ElmSpa
The body only needs to absorb up to 20 minutes of oxygen to feel the full effects. Toronto's Elmwood Spa is now offering up these oxygen treatments to deal with city life:

O2 Facial - 50 min • $130
Gently exfoliates and revitalizes your skin, while the oxygen helps balance out uneven tone, giving your skin a beautiful glow. The O2 Facial begins with a relaxing essential oil foot soak and includes deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and serum followed by an oxygen wand to absorb the serum deep into the skin.

O2 Massage - 50 min • $130
The perfect way to relax and let your daily stresses melt away. Restores your overall well-being, leaving you energized and revitalized. You’ll begin with an essential oil foot soak, followed by a head-to-toe massage with oxygen inhalation to detoxify the body’s impurities.

O2 Quickie - 20 min • $65
A relaxing massage for the arms, hands, legs and feet with oxygen inhalation. Perfect for a boost of energy and a quick fix for jet lag, being out a bit too late or overall sluggishness.

We're giving one lucky reader a chance for urban revitalization with an O2 Facial ($130 value). It's pretty easy, all you have to do is LIKE our Facebook Page. Once that's done, you're entered! We draw a winner at random on Thursday June 30th. So good luck!

The Elmwood Spa
18 Elm Street, Toronto


  1. love, love the Elmwood Spa. My beau took me their for my birthday a couple of years back and I really feel it's one of the best spas in the city...

  2. I recently visited Elmwood for blog material myself. What a great experience! I love the 3rd floor pool and steam rooms.

  3. I also already liked your facebook page before. Sorry Crystal, I'm going to say pick ME!! Also Crystal, let's do this!