Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HUG Wine School - Vive La Vin

Wines from Bordeaux make up a tenth of the wines sold in Ontario.  Canada is the 7th largest importer of Bordeaux wines.  What does this mean? Chances are you’ve tried Bordeaux wine... and probably liked it.

Although many a hip and urban girl can master the language, appreciate the films and discuss the art of the French with connoisseur-like poise; the wines of France have a mystical way of being so easy to drink but so much harder to approach with confidence.  HUG is going to give you the lowdown on Bordeaux so you’ll be prepped for the many opportunities this summer to speak French – wines, that is – after work, with the girls, on a date or at a backyard barbecue.  

What makes Bordeaux wine incredible?  It’s something the French like to call terroir.  It’s the characteristics of the particular place and time where grapes are grown that directly attribute to the character of the wine.  The combination of location, climate, soil and distinctive grape varieties are what make Bordeaux... Bordeaux.  Add on top of that the blending of grapes (the process of making the sum greater than its parts) – you’ve got wine full of complexity, balance and harmony.  For example, the classic blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is a tried and true wine formula you’ve likely seen time and again from Bordeaux and in Meritage blends from North America.  When it comes to talking about wine, tying it back to the geography and history of where the grapes come from help you to understand what makes each wine taste special.  It’ll give you the savvy edge to sound like you know what you’re talking about and genuinely having a greater appreciation for awesome wine.

So we’ve inspired you pick up a bottle of Bordeaux; what are you going to expect from this wine?  The current and recent vintages of wine from Bordeaux come from grapes that have soaked up the sunshine of beautiful summers in France.  The red wines that come from the region have shown deep intense fruit flavour and aroma that is rich and round.  The white wines have a great balance of acidity and sugar while blooming with bright citrus aromas.

At HUG, we love learning about wine – naturally because it comes with drinking lots of it!  Our favourite teachers are the iYellow Wine School led by (former HUG of the Week) Ange Aiello.  Stay tuned for our re-cap of
#BordeauxAfterWork parties hosted by iYellow and the Bordeaux Wine Council.  We’re looking forward to tasting, learning and talking with confidence about French wine!
We’ll leave you with a few value-worthy LCBO offerings to get you started on your home study...Cheers!
Calvet Saint Emilion - J. Calvet & Cie ($18.95)
Impressive without showing off. Great for a date paired with a home-cooked meal.

Lurton Chateau Bonnet – Andre Lurton ($13.95)
A lively white perfect for your next picnic or backyard barbecue.  Pair with grilled fish.

J.P. Chenet Sauvignon Blanc – Les Grands Chais De France ($9.95)
Easy drinking and sociable. We won’t be surprised to see numerous empty bottles of these after a girls’ night.  
--- Michelle Tham 
Check out iYellow at www.iyellowwineclub.com and the Bordeaux Wine Council at www.bordeaux.com for more information about #BordeauxAfterWork.

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  1. great work guys! can't wait to enjoy a glass of Bordeaux Wines tonight!