Thursday, June 30, 2011

Urban Eats @ The Bowery, Toronto

Now open in Toronto’s emerging King East neighbourhood is The Bowery, a ‘farmhouse punk’ addition to the Colborne Street restaurant strip.

In the former home of Six Steps, entertainment and hospitality group, Uniq Lifestyle, has brought a taste of NYC to Toronto.

The atmosphere at The Bowery was a buzzing on opening night with executive chef, Tawfik Shehata, behind the open kitchen cooking up such globally-inspired and locally-sourced bites as lamb spiedini with chianti agro-dolce and grilled octopus on polenta with squid ink aioli. The Bowery joins the good company of the King East dining scene of Origin, Colborne Lane and Lucien with eclectic design, a chef-driven menu and a uniquely Toronto take on restaurant culture and atmosphere.
Chef Tawfik, formerly of Toronto Financial District gem, Vertical, and currently bouncing between The Ballroom and The Bowery. He is joined by Chef Jason Maw (previously with Starfish) as they bring approachable and sharing-friendly dishes that feature local farms and fine ingredients.  
True to the name – ‘Bowery’ means farm in Dutch – the original menu reflects a seasonal harvested menu cooked with a hearty and contemporary farmhouse attitude.
The food is chef-refined, but there’s no standing on ceremony here – not when the bar snacks are delightfully fun like the delicious dry-roasted riblets! Toronto has seen many a ‘locally-inspired’ restaurant, but few have the hip and punkified twist that sets The Bowery apart. Here is a peek of what to expect from the menu and specialty cocktails: 

The predominant character of its farm-punk concept is in the eclectic design of The Bowery.  The team at The Design Agency makes use of bold fluorescent colour, Lower East Side-inspired accents, funky yet elegant lighting fixtures and original artwork to bring NYC flavour to the space with a distinctive homey-but-punk feel. You’ll find that the cutlery doesn’t match – all vintage sourced and unique by the piece – even the table settings reflect the originality and thoughtful laissez-faire-ness of the farm-punk concept.  
With the trend of Toronto’s new restaurants each bringing another piece of the world back into our dining tapestry, we’re excited to have a taste of refined NYC punk take root in the burgeoning St. Lawrence Market-King East locale with The Bowery. Whether you’re in the mood for farm-fresh cooking or feeling in a bit of an empire state of mind, The Bowery is the destination. The dynamic and distinctive concept of The Bowery can be experienced for lunch Monday to Friday and for dinner from Monday to Saturday.  
The Bowery Restaurant – 55 Colborne Street, Toronto ON
---Michelle Tham
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  1. The service was mediocre at best and our whole party became horribly sick a day later, the thought of ever going back turns my stomach!