Friday, June 17, 2011

Nothing to Wear? Rent frock Repeat.

By: Nadine Sharon Anglin

Dear divas-in-training, I feel your pain when it comes to wanting the look without having the funds to make it happen, or a sugar daddy to front the bill, or a generous “great” relative to conveniently kick the bucket and leave you a hefty inheritance right before a big event.

This isn't a cold thing to say. Your great aunt Mildred would have wanted you to be happy after all.
Perhaps then you should consider renting an outfit for your next splashy gala or important fete. Luckily, there's a new online destination just for this purpose.

Canadian-based Rent frock Repeat is the new kid on the "rent the look" block. Their launch party last week at The Spoke Club looked like the high court in the kingdom of Toronto fashionistas, as ladies in their finest ogled dresses, and sipped the evening's namesake drink, the Frocktini.The co-founders behind the venture, Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber, started their business last year following a failed attempt to rent outfits for a wedding from a US-based rental service.

How does their spin on the concept work? First, create an account on the website and look for dresses you like that are available in your area and for your particular date. Then, book that frock before someone else beats you to it! Designers include Badgley Mischka, Catherine Malandrino, David Dixon (spotted at the party that evening), Tracy Reese, and Pink Tartan.

My favourite from the event was the Bagdely Mischka ostrich feather dress--so lovely it would make even the most hard-nosed Alexander Wang lover swoon with girly abandonment. It rents for $175 (retails for $795). 

My question in parting: would you ever consider renting an outfit or accessory for for a special event or night out? Or, are you more of a save-up-until-I-can-afford-it type? Or, are you patiently waiting for your great aunt to meet her maker? 

Uh, sorry. I do my love aunts. Honestly, I do. 

Rent frock Repeat

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