Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So You Have to Buy a Baby Shower Gift?

By: Amy Atlas
Oh baby. The majority of my girlfriends have either had a baby or are having one. In the past couple of years I have played a lot of baby shower bingo, smelled the poopy diaper and made paper plate bonnets out of plastic bows. The most stressful part of it all? Figuring out the perfect baby shower gift when you don't know the first thing about babies.

So The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide has put together a list of 'Easy Baby Shower Gifts' that you can default upon for the next big showering.

The Bumbo - Quite possibly the most popular baby registry item of all time.  This crazy looking plastic chair lets the baby sit up by itself.  You can even buy a tray that goes on top of the bumbo for easy snack time. Yes, it looks ridiculous and will cost you $60 - but the darn thing works.

Kiehl's Baby Products - Luxurious and a splurge for Mommy. A line of designer baby products that they may not buy for themselves, but a great gift to receive. Check out their baby body cream, lip balm, hair wash and diaper ointment.

Diaper & Wipes Pod by JJ Cole - Definitely the coolest line of diaper swag that we have ever seen. Designer change pad and a little purse pod that holds baby wipes. The 'attach anywhere' handle can hook on easily to a stroller or diaper bag.
Baby Board Books - Scope out Amazon and check out the top ten baby board books online and proceed to order. A lot of showers I have attended have involved a lot of toys and clothing, but not always a lot of books.  Start baby's book collection for them...

Baby Einstein DVDs - Super easy to pick-up anywhere these days. You can find them at Wal-Mart, HMV and Amazon. I think Baby Mozart is one of the more popular titles, but again - you can check the sales ranking on Amazon to see what everyone else is buying.  Pretty much the DVD provides fun, stimulating images with music that babies can watch.  I heard it can make them stop crying :)

Don't forget to check out the baby registry first to see if there's anything left. Worst-case scenario, tape the gift receipt onto the gift and let the recipient decide. Enjoy the egg salad sandwiches!

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  1. As a mom of three young boys, and a regular attendee of baby showers, I have to say that these are some great suggestions. The blog 4mothers has some great suggestions too, like this starter library: http://4mothers1blog.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/nathalies-favourite-post-a-starter-library-for-baby/

    Another great fave: the LL Bean tote (monogramed, of course!)