Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take Your Email With You - Wherever You Are!

A sponsored hip + urban girl post.

Hey Social Butterflies!

Summer is here and we know you will abandon your desktop computer for lunch on the patio in a Toronto minute! So while you are out and about, stay connected with your peeps (plus your boss, of course) and keep an eye on your inbox or get updates from Facebook. Be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Setting up Windows Live Hotmail for Mobile is a summer breeze...

For the iPhone gal: 

Windows Live is optimized for your iPhone's touch screen so you're only a few taps away from family and friends! 

First time setting up e-mail?
Go to your phone's main menu and find the email icon. Then "Add account" and enter your Windows Live ID. 

Already have an e-mail account?

  • Locate the "Settings" option from the main screen and find the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" options under "Accounts".
  • Choose add accounts, enter your Windows Live ID and follow through with the instructions. Host name should be set to
For the BlackBerry gal:

Bring the full mobile Hotmail experience to your BlackBerry – it works directly with your BlackBerry's e-mail system too!

Enter your phone number in the orange widget to receive an SMS with instructions on how to get Hotmail on your BlackBerry. 

Note: Every 360 days, you'll need to revalidate the Hotmail account associated with your BlackBerry.

Take your Hotmail contacts with you and send/receive emails from whichever phone you use.

Save time and do more. Check out Hotmail's other features to help busy hip + urban girls 

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