Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urban Eats @ Khao San Road, Toronto

Khao San Road does some of the BEST Pad Thai in Toronto and the line-up of people out the door seem to agree. The noodles are not ketchupy or artificial tasting and the shrimp serving is pretty generous. We noticed that it wasn't neon orange like most of the Pad Thai in Toronto. We ordered the Street Style Pad Thai ($15) which is an authentic creation by Chef Nuit Regular, who ran her own restaurant in Pai, Thailand before moving to Canada with her husband.

I actually paid a visit to their first small restaurant, Sukho Thai on Parliament Street  earlier this year and it was pretty crammed with maybe only seating for 20. The food was so good, that it was easy to see how they quickly outgrew the space. Word-of-mouth was spreading like wildfire and I had heard about the restaurant from a friend. After managing to only get takeout at Sukho Thai and not a seat we knew a visit to Khao San Road was in order. 

The restaurant itself is pretty busy, but we did manage a spot on one of the communal tables. It was less chaotic and more hip than Sukho Thai with big wooded tables, a blackboard wall and seats that reminded me of grade school. My favourite item was still the Pad Thai. We ordered the Gaeng Kaew Wan, Green Curry ($12, above with chicken) and soaked up all that delicious sauce with big heaps of white rice.
For an appetizer we shared the Gai Taud Samoon Prai ($8, above). Which is garlic chicken breaded in a crispy garlic and fresh kaffir lime leaf coating that is fried. 

The biggest surprise crowd-pleaser was The Pad Gra Prao ($13, above) made with beef. First of all, no one knew what it was or what to expect. The dish is stir-fried minced beef with holy basil, topped with a fried egg and not to be missed! It wasn't too spicy and we broke the egg yolk up all over the rice. I would order this again in a heartbeat.
For Dessert! Sa Koo Ma Prao ($3, above) is a small bowl of tapioca pearl in sweet coconut milk and shredded coconut. It's a cool, sweet and light finish to dinner.  
The Mod Subterranean Dining Room
Grab a seat at the bar if you're dining alone or for a quick lunch
We bumped into a few of Toronto's foodies meeting up for a bite, including Suresh Doss of Spotlight Toronto. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit and find myself craving their version of Pad Thai all the time. Khao San Road is the perfect place for a casual dinner, affordable prices and killer Thai food.
Khao San Road, Toronto - Thai Restaurant. http://khaosanroad.ca
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  1. LOVE Khao San Road! Tried all of the apps and the Sam Ros(sp?) Pad Thai and fell in love. If only they weren't so busy during lunch hours!