Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urban Eats @ Wvrst, Toronto

Wvrst or Wurst as you say it, has just opened up on the King West strip in Toronto. Aldo Lanzillota's gourmet sausage hall is a nice change from the burger joints popping up all over Toronto, which is part of the reason he opened Wvrst.

The style here is casual, where a server will greet you with your menu and you go up to the counter to order. Once you've picked out your sausages, head over to the bar area to pick out your beer. You'll be given a number and a runner will bring out your food in under ten minutes.

Sausages run from the traditional beef, pork and poultry to the wacky like kangaroo, rabbit and bison (up to $9). If you're a vegetarian, not to worry - Wvrst also does two tofu based 'sausages' in either an Italian or Kielbasa style. All the sausages are homemade fresh and never frozen. Aldo does not use any preservatives and they are gluten-free.
We ordered the Duck Sausage ($9) made with maple and foie gras, topped with caramelized onions. It was so tender and juicy on the inside that it was a clear winner for the both of us. Aldo told us that the Duck Sausage was created by his supplier in Quebec, "It took us close to two months to perfect, with mountains of foie." He has five to six different purveyors that provide Wvrst with its sausages, mostly from Ontario and Quebec. The Chicken Sausage ($7) with peppers and chili powder was not overly spicy with a nice soft kick. We chose good old sauerkraut for our topping. The buns were really chewy and elevated the whole thing from just regular street meat.
Order your sausage on a fresh roll (regular or whole wheat) or have it served up Currywurst Style (above left). Our Boerewors ($6) beef sausage with coriander was sliced up and smathered with a curried ketchupy sauce. I can't say I'm a fan of the currywurst style, though it was easy to share. I found the sausage on a bun to be more juicy and I usually am light on sauces in general. I would love to try this sausage again, without the sauce stealing the show. Aldo is also working on a Duck and Sour Cherry Sausage and maybe even Quail and Apricot combination for the summer season.

Duck Fat Fries ($4.50, left) with Maple Rosemary Dip and Wvrst Spicy Dip. Chowing down and filming a Vlog (coming soon) with Stella from Food Junk Chronicles. A small cone of these Belgian-style fries comes with one gourmet dipping sauce, a large will get you two. They range from mayonnaise-based, tomato based and yogurt-based. We highly recommend a pint of Peeler Light Apple Cider ($8) from Thornbury, ON to pair with your sausage delight. The drafts are quite extensive and local, Wvrst also stocks a large list of bottles and cans if you're really into pairing. If you're really thirsty, a litre of Pabst Blue Ribbon will only set you back $10.
The space is built like a sexy, modern beer hall with long communal tables and a dark red tiled accent wall. We imagine Wvrst getting a great lunch crowd going from the neighbouring offices. It's also good for a casual dinner that won't break the bank.
The team from Wvrst
Wvrst Restaurant, Toronto
609 King Street West - Gourmet Sausage Restaurant & Beer Hall
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  1. Yum! The duck sausages sound delish.

    I'm so not a fan of kangaroo meat - but not because it's 'weird'. I've forced myself to eat it at least a dozen times because it's so healthy, but I just end up gagging (very gamey). But who knows - maybe these guys can change my mind!

  2. @ally Kangaroo meet that is gamey means it isn't cooked right. I'm Aussie, I know :)

    But.. this looks like a good place! I hope to check it out! I don't know if I could ever fathom a gourmet sausage, but it seems interesting. I want those duck fat fries. Bad.

    Opening up so close to me was probably a bad thing for me and a good thing for Wvrst. (how am I ever to remember how to spell this place!!!)

  3. Oh wow, gourmet sausage eh? I'm thinking I need to check this out and give Craft...I mean Big Smoke Burger, a rest this week, haha. :)

    mew mew

  4. Great recap, Lisa! =) I enjoyed our dinner tremendously and after reading your post, I'm longing for the duck sausage again lol~ Let's do dinner again soon and explore another restaurant ^^ And yes, vlog soon =)